Do they still follow the same backwards policy on AIDS?

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  • sove

    Hiv doesn't spread through pools. Chlorinated or not.

  • l p
    l p

    in response to the above comment....that is if there is no contamination of the water with infected body fluids

  • Chaserious

    l p, I don't think you can get HIV from a swimming pool no matter what.

    "Can I get HIV from swimming pools or hot tubs?

    No. HIV cannot live in a hot tub or swimming pool. There have been no cases of HIV transmission through swimming pools or hot tubs."


  • l p
    l p

    this is because the pools are chlorinated.

    for example: a small pool (a bathtub like one for a baptism) if it is unchlorinated, a HIV person bled into the pool, then a person that was in the same pool after the water became contaminated would be considered to have had an exposure. This person would be worked up for 6 months to see if they convert.

    you are right when you say HIV wont spread in a pool. It is spread by contaminated body fluids and contact with that. If the pool is chlorinated appropriately a small amount of the virus would be killed...if there is no contamination of the water there is no risk.

    However with the original question you dont know whether the infected person is a female and has their period and is getting baptised. there are lots of variables.

    the fact remains that public pools and baths must be chlorinated...

  • cantleave

    The HIV Virus could only survive in unchlorinated water for minutes at most in water.

    Tests have been undertaken where blood from stage IV AIDS patients was introduced into tap water, and the recovery of HIV was monitored by using both an infectivity assay and polymerase chain reaction amplification of viral sequences. Virally infected cells were no longer detectable after 5 min in dechlorinated tap water, while little diminution in amplifiable sequences was observed over 2 h. Thus, detection of viral sequences by polymerase chain reaction technology should not be equated with risk of exposure to infectious HIV.

    This would make infection form one subject to another sharing water highly improbable.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    You would have thought the "god of true prophecy" would have equipped his "chosen ones" with "accurate knowledge" in advance about a disease with very limited communicable qualities and how to avoid contamination.

    It's not like it has the same success rate as us mentally diseased in infecting "true christians".

  • Chaserious

    It's not like it has the same success rate as us mentally diseased in infecting "true christians".


  • maisha

    Hiv is a VERY debatable disease, many questions come to play.

    The methods of spread and cause are also questionable.

    Some cases are just amazing and not logical. they do not fit the model as you have been taught.

    Personally I would NOT get into the same pool and especially if it had not been clorinated.

    But then thats not because of hiv, more for fungal spread issues.

  • maisha

    OH, I forgot to add,,,,,,

    thats not because the person has HIV

    thats because the dunker elder didnt wipe his arse.....

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