What did you learn this year (yb 2013)

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The intent of this topic is to centralize some interesting facts from the 2013 YB of JW. I am analyzing the data in various ways and will publish as I go along:

    p4: "Happily, Jehovah does not force us to serve him. He is not a dictator. He wants us to serve him out of love from our heart."

    p8, p9: The Internet and Internet Cafe's are now approved since it now contains the new website.

    p10: They purchased 253-acres of land, 45 acres will be developed. The rest won't be and it will be energy efficient, just in time for the big A.

    p12: 6 branches in S. America closed, 40 Bethel family members from those branches were reassigned. About 95 others were fired. That's a 58% reduction in staffing costs. " The reorganization efforts in Central America have reduced the number of Bethelites from 300 to about 75." (that's a 75% reduction in staffing costs)

    p14: The sign was used for... " Day and night for more than 40 years, the 15-foot- tall red letters atop the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been a familiar sight to residents of New York City, many of whom depend on the sign’s useful display of the time and temperature."

    p19: Subliminal message: The intention is indeed to use tablets instead of the WT&Awake, it's cheaper for them after all. Also, 100 people worldwide request a bible study online each day. Last week Facebook beat this record (in the US alone) every 2 minutes.

    p35: " Jehovah’s Witnesses in India continue to endure mob violence while engaging in their ministry. Men, women, minors, and even a 60-year-old grandmother and an 18-month-old baby have experienced verbal and physical assaults." - If you know there are issues with what you do, why the f*** do you bring an 18-month old baby out there? Are you guys sick? This isn't good, that's borderline negligence.

    p55: How the disfellowshipping arrangement should be applied to "inactive" ones: " Later that day, during lunch, Katty, an inactive deaf Witness, approached Gabriela to ask about the convention. Gabriela replied frankly: “It was beautiful! But now as a baptized Witness, I want to stay faithful to Jehovah. So I must let you know that I can’t be your friend anymore because you live an unclean life. Being your friend can affect my friendship with God. You need to change. It’s im- portant to pray to Jehovah and also to talk with the elders. I know you can change for the better.”" WTF!

    p58: Transvestite man converts and gives up homosexuality: " “I’m so happy to see my son get baptized as a man.”" WTF! I have many friends in that lifestyle now (both homosexual and transvestite) - ze (which is the proper address for such people) is going to be very, very fucked up until they get out.

    p59: " Or-Ya qualified for baptism, but a week before the assembly, she broke her leg. Undaunted, she was baptized anyway, but with her leg in a cast.". WTF WTF WTF! That is medically wrong and stupid on so many levels.

    p60: ROFL!: " A Cult Member Finds the Truth"

  • whathappened

    Keep sending the interesting high lights...or low lights.


    p4: "Happily, Jehovah does not force us to serve him. He is not a dictator. He wants us to serve him out of love from our heart."

    The GB letter was just plain weird. Maybe I am hyper-alert, but something was off about it. They don't write something for no reason. There is always an agenda. Perhaps they are anticipating losing members soon and comments like these are for a future reminder to the R&F? " Hey, see all those who left? They did not love God like the rest of you. Whoever is left, come on up to Warwick to work!"

    I don't really have a clue, it was just weird.... Hey. partakers were up over 12,000 last year!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Thanks Anony Mous!!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    p55: How the disfellowshipping arrangement should be applied to "inactive" ones:

    I believe it was predicted on JWN that this was the next step.

    JWN gets more predictions right that WTS!


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    p174: I know some with more historic insight are going to pick this one apart: "One Hundred Years Ago: 1913"

    Next year: 1914

    Either way, their historic recollections of why 1914 was a pivotal year to them is left out (the end of the world maybe?), it just states "it was a pivotal year" and "Bible Students were looking forward to it".

  • trujw

    If anyone can please read the time is at hand by Charles t Russel. Talk about nuts your eyes will quickly be opened. Just read most of it on Christmas and they believed nothing they believe now. It shows they are lying about there past. 1914 was always the end never the beginning and 1874 Christ began his presence in heaven. Also 606 is quoted and pyramids


    No JW will notice that. Good catch though! " 1914 will be signifigant........"

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Love this on page 60:

    "A Bible study was started with deaf twin brothers in a remote mountain area of the Philippines. Both belonged to a cult that believed that weapons could not harm the members as long as they wore cer- tain amulets and scarves for protection. They had been trained in the use of knives, bolos, and guns and had participated in many battles against rebel groups in the mountains. The cult allowed them to study the Bible with the understanding that the Witnesses would not force them to leave the cult. "

    What are they really saying?

    "You're not in a cult. Cults are in remote, isolated areas. They have really weird superstitious practices, and they hoard weapons. No, of course you're not in a cult. We don't do any of that crazy stuff!"

  • MrFreeze

    Don't think I could read through the YB again without a vomit bucket handy.

    Wait, were they really saying we couldn't go into internet cafes previously?

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