What did you learn this year (yb 2013)

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I have put all the data in Excel for you analytic types.


    I also did some minor analytics. Highlights:

    Estimated Irregular types (those are either irregular, disfellowshipped or in some other way don't give in a slip every month): Between 180,998 and 206,593 and most of them reside in the US, Mexico, Nigeria and Brazil

    How many publishers actually get a baptism: 1 in 28

    How many people are in the "30 other lands": Approx. 2 Billion and the ratio of Witnesses there is 1/228,191 (better than Bangladesh at least where there is 1 witness per 885,071 inhabitants)

    Worst countries to preach: Dominica and Japan where it takes over or about 30,000 hours of preaching (3.5 years of continuous walking) to get someone to baptized.

  • punkofnice

    Sorry, who was it that was 'mentally diseased' again?

    p4: "Happily, Jehovah does not force us to serve him. He is not a dictator. He wants us to serve him out of love from our heart."

    ‘’Happily’’? WTF? If you DON’T serve him (subject to him existing outside of the realms of a trademarked product), he’ll kill you. What a choice!

    p55: ’ Being your friend can affect my friendship with God.’

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. She swaps a true friend for an imaginary one. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    ‘It’s important to pray to Jehovah and also to talk with the elders.’

    Tell the elders™ all your dirty little secrets for their ‘wank bank’ when their wives have a headache!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Any figures on the 2012 Memorial partakers?

  • transhuman68

    Any figures on the 2012 Memorial partakers?

    Memorial PartakersWorldwide: 12,604

  • Searril

    The cult allowed them to study the Bible with the understanding that the Witnesses would not force them to leave the cult.

    So, if you are in a religion that allows you to freely study the bible with people of another religion that's a cult.

    But if you're in a religion where you will be excommunicated and shunned for studying the bible with someone of a different religion that's NOT a cult?

    Uh, ok.

  • 88JM

    p14: The sign was used for... "Day and night for more than 40 years, the 15-foot- tall red letters atop the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been a familiar sight to residents of New York City, many of whom depend on the sign’s useful display of the time and temperature."

    Handy for letting them know when hell freezes over

  • wasblind

    p4: "Happily, Jehovah does not force us to serve him. He is not a dictator. He wants us to serve him out of love from our heart."______Anony mous

    That may be true about Jehovah, but not the WTS

    Until they do away the disfellowship, those are only empty words

    Many JW's are indeed forced to remain in this religion or they will lose

    their loved ones.

    We all remember the article in the 2009 Awake " No One Should Be Made To Choose "

    How many have lost family scince then ?

    The Watchtower Society Is a one big lie


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It's indeed all a lie. I like how "30 other lands" - aka countries where there are no JW - has about 1/3 of the world population and they will all die because there are simply not enough JW's to talk to them.

    If the end won't come until the "work" has been completed as some JW's say, and the average JW spends 6,000 hours in service per baptism and out of those 2 Billion, 0.1% accepts (the average market penetration of JW's so 2M), the end won't come for another 12000000000 (12 Billion) hours or if they keep up the same rate of work, 1000 years (they have a combined hours of 12M/year). If all the JW's worldwide move to the locations and do the same amount of hours (thereby neglecting the rest of the world) it will still take them 7 years by which time the world population will grow with another 1-2 Billion people, so it would take another 7 years from there.

    So if the JW's all move out, for the next ~15 years, we're pretty good on the end not coming. Otherwise, we're pretty good for another 1000 years.

  • WTWizard

    Time and temperature? Aren't there signs on banks that display time and temperature? Besides, if people are really that hard up that they cannot afford a clock and thermometer, they have ways to tell time and temperature without that damn thing wasting electricity. I would not rely solely on the washtowel clock to keep an appointment. Besides, if they know the date, they can estimate the time simply by observing where the sun is in the sky--and, at night, they can observe the moon and the brightest stars. That's how they used to do it before the washtowel erected that monstrosity of a waste of electricity.

    "A cult member finds the truth." I wonder how often that happens. How often does a witless realize that they are in one? Many simply leave the cancer. Others investigate the truth about other Christian religions, and realize that the washtowel isn't all Christian but half Jewish and dishonest about it. Still others find the truth about Satan--and become Satanists. Quite a few find the truth through science, putting jehovah out of the picture altogether. And, none are forced into such positions.

    Good for using tablets. I recommend placing apostate material on such tablets and using that. The choices are endless, and you have the freedom to adjust what you put on the tablet at your discretion. Some put Satanic material on a tablet and use that at the boasting session. Others might place material from this forum or other apostate sites, Christian or not. You could place a novel of your choosing on your tablet, or you could place other denominations of whatever religion you feel like. Some might choose to put some genuine science that rebuts what the washtowel is teaching, or even porn (I don't recommend kiddie porn, for obvious reasons--but regular adult porn is fine). Some might place college level courses on a tablet and use that during the boasting session. And there is the option of using a tablet to play video games. You could place several different articles on one tablet, and place the washtowel in one place so Brother Hounder thinks you are viewing that and your choice of other material elsewhere. Amazing what you can do with enough memory--you could even load a movie onto the thing! Preferably one that is R rated.

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