WTS says U.S. pubs increased .9% (less than 1%)for 2012

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  • Bob_NC

    I'm anointed, you're anointed, wouldn't you like to be anointed too?

  • frankiespeakin

    Yeah I really think these numbers are fugded so as not to alarm any of the rank and file. Being doctored so as not to give others ideas of slacking off because of these alarming delays of the "end of the world".

    I'm sure there is negative growth, they ain't selling off property for nothing, they are riding a sinking ship and they know it, they can't keep this thing going forever, they know it but they don't want the r&f to know it.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I see a lot of -'s. . . .

  • trujw

    In Modesto I had a co wife tell me are groth is coming from children born in that was in 1992

  • Chaserious

    But can you really believe their self reported numbers?

    I don't doubt them. They only grew with the overall population growth, which means they didn't grow at all in proportion to the general population. Foreign language groups are still dunking new converts at a reasonable rate. It makes sense because some from these groups tend to have less education and access to reliable independant information. If you go by outside survey numbers, they would have about 2 Million JWs based on how people self-report (e.g. inactive people and minors being reported as JWs whereas they only count people who turn in a time report for the month).

  • Londo111

    Just browsing, it looks like Japan and Germany are in a slight decline.

    For the US:

    Peak: 1,203,642

    Average: 1,156,150

    2011 Average: 1,145,723

    2012 baptized: 32,039

    Average auxiliary: 59,501

    Average pioneer: 143,072

    Congregations: 13,546

    Total hours: 255,048,430

    Average studies: 722,179

    Memorial attendance: 2,502,055

    Does anyone have last year's US numbers to compare with?

  • trujw

    I believe it is true. Every year less growth in the us. They are craping bricks. The time is at hand unfortunatley for them

  • Jeffro


    Saint Martin (not the same as Saint Maarten) (no report for 2011, 299 for 2012, so 100% increase)
    South Sudan (no report for 2011, 1103 for 2012, so 100% increase)

    That's some interesting math. 100% of zero is zero.

  • trujw

    I got that too. Even 1 would be a 100 percent increase

  • trujw

    Soooooo maybe they are fudging in far off countries to look better. How can you have no publishers then hundreds?

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