The privileged Bethel speakers and the rest of us Jamokes.

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  • Richard_I

    from find a grave:

    "William Lloyd Barry, a long time member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, died suddenly on July 2, 1999, while giving a public address at a district convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in Hawaii."

    Did anyone here happen to see that happen ? i dunno how they could continue the program knowing that a speaker dropped dead in front of thousands of people... would be very unsettling/scary/disturbing.

  • zeb

    Went to one such. bro long wind ran way overtime and the Italian session in a nearby building finished and they all spilled through our area chattering their heads off.

    We went to big conv in Sydney years ago (Australia) humidity to the max. No where to sit... at all... left. A great example of lousy planning. But as you all have said the elite live in AC.

    Met young couple with baby who had gone to the last huge extravaganza all a wonder convention again in Sydney just a few years ago. They told me of day one they never got back to their motel until 8.30PM due to the crowd controllers who were not controlling the crowd (including moving along the bunches of old sisters who have to stop as they chatter). The couple had run out of diappers the baby was distraugght and so were they. His words: "Never again!"

    This now I concluded years ago, that:

    All elders and MS including ALL Bethelites should have to have at least four kids. Hyperactive, asthmatic, handicapped, dull.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    William Lloyd Barry, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, died at a JAPANESE District Convention in Hawaii. He was fluent in Japanese since he once was a missionary in Japan in the 50's.

  • dogon

    I can remember seeing several older people collapsing under the heat in the Silver dome every year. I talke about it to my partner an elder and he would say, ya it was their choice to go. Well a several years back at one of the last silver dome assemblys his dad collapsed and died under the heat. LOL I wonder if he was so calous then? I have also seen how people from bethel are treated like royalt. Given money and taken places bla bla bal. I left the borg in 96 and have never regreted it for a second. The only regret I have is that I did not leave much much earlier.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't remember the year, not worth the effort to figure it out, but they finally lost the horse track in the early 2000's. By then, everyone could fit inside the air conditioning, but many chose to sit outside.

    It got worse at the next place. They moved to the outdoor baseball stadium where the Chicago White Sox played. There was only a handful of indoor skybox seats which were only for the Bethel/Watchtower elite- don't tell me there isn't such a thing. The shade moved throughout the day and you had to have an umbrella, but of course you didn't want to obstruct someone's view with your umbrella (what was there to see anyway?).

    Many had to sit in the steep upper deck, which even the baseball fans complained about.

    Everybody hated this venue, but Watchtower had a 3-year deal and stayed the entire time. I knew a few elderly people who vowed never to come back there after the first day or after the first year.

    They are indoors again, in a college basketball auditorium way out in the boondocks. It's far enough out there to really make a long day driving out from the city, but not far enough to justify the expense and bother of a hotel room, unless you have to be there early to kiss up volunteer. Be sure to bring some decent cushions of your own to any of their events because anyplace other than their own assembly halls was not meant for anything more than 4 hours.



    The N.I.U. basketball auditorium in Dekalb, Illinois is where my family attends the summer assemblies. It is about an hour away from their house. They leave at 8:00 a.m. and arrive home around 6:30 p.m. Talk about a long day!

    My family somehow made it through the Hawthorne racetrack conventions with it's brutal heat. But as my family aged, the conventions at White Sox Park were more brutal. The stands were more open with no shade. The upper decks were so steep that you needed to firmly hold the handrails or you would fall. The sun beat on you all day long. The only relief was if the clouds blocked the sun. The skyboxes were the only way to go. But,as you said... they were taken by the elite.

    The Bethel family and all the planners should of been made to sit outdoors in these venues with no water and suffer heat stroke. Then they would of understood why Witnesses hated outdoor venues.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I just realized it not even so much the location with it's crappy accomidations that really weren't meant for more than observing a game of a few hours, let alone 8 hours. It was the shlep to wherever this place is. I know for our CA, which I never attended once they moved, it's 68 miles each way. In Los Angeles, that means at least a few hours each way. So now some publishers have to stay there and pay for a hotel because the drive is just awful.

    If I remember right, publishers in Las Vegas, NV have to come to Long Beach, CA for their DC. Is this really the case? That's only 270 miles each way.

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