JUST finished The Gentile Times Reconsidered!

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  • cantleave

    Bloody hell, get on with your critique of the book, that is afterall is what this thread is about!

  • cedars


    This is not an issue of me trolling and being desperate for an argument.

    As others have suggested on this and other threads, I believe it is.

    Your feeble attempt to smooth things over at the end of yet another post insulting my viewpoint and a very insulting insinuation aboug my intelligience (or lack thereof) does not somehow excuse your behavior.

    So you at least acknowledge that I ATTEMPTED to smooth things over before you started trying to gun me down? Thanks for clarifying that. It's quite significant. I would try to explain to you why insulting someone and disagreeing with them are two different things, but I suspect it would get me nowhere.

    I have read other threads you've been involved in cedars...and people have pointed out similar things to you, not out of spite, but because your statements are patently disrespectful.

    I've always had my haters. I don't let them bother me. At least I'm not a troll, continually being banned from and returning to a forum for no other reasons than to cause arguments.

    You've tried to start an argument with me over something we had quickly sorted out, and I exposed you. End of story. I'm not playing with you anymore.


  • AnnOMaly

    And a Merry Xmas, peace and goodwill to all men ROFL!

    And what cantleave said.

  • FaceTheFacts

    Review/discussion will be for another thread. This was just to gauge the interest before I spent time on it.



    Tries to Sneak Back into JWN as..



    Can`t Face the Facts..


    ...........................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • ScenicViewer

    Since you are only using this thread to judge interest, count me in as wanting to read your thoughts, and others' responses, on Gentile Times Reconsidered.

    Recovery, StillRecovery, OlinMoyle48 and Ethos would start threads promising comments on a subject that never came. Their posts would usually deteriorate into arguments that had nothing to do with the promised topic despite many posters showing interest. This made them appear to be confrontational and argumentative, beneath a facade of sincerity, which may have something to do with why they were banned.

    I hope this isn't going to be another one of those.

    When will you start the comments?

  • FaceTheFacts

    Actually I believe Recovery was thirdwitness....not sure about olinmoyle.

    The thread should be up today. Its simply a matter of organizing my notes and comments into structured arguments.

  • Satanus

    A hawker sets up shop. He gauges the gathering, curious crowd. How long until he gets run out of town?


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Well, I liked Still Recovery's avatar the best. Recovery was a funny looking Yam. I just couldn't take his words seriously with that avatar. Why he changed to Olin Moyle, I will never know. But, I am looking forward to reading what FacetheFacts has in store for us!!!BTW- where's 'Watcher'?

  • ScenicViewer


    The thread should be up today.

    I'll be watching for it!

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