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  • prologos

    I am always "faithfully" in priority reading because I can't resist getting a good laugh. or detecting acute foot-in-mouth desease. Here is a gem of watchtowerese watchtowerspeak? I found in todays' study copy while the trapped sheep were ruminating and regurgitating. :

    wt October 15, page 18, second column, 9 lines from the bottom:

    "But a few days later Brother Knorr REVEALED that they were to stay----" so now we know that that there IS Revelation in the latter-day Presidency. Then:

    second last line in that same column: "--fully convinced them that Jehovah always knows best---". this is talking about the same assignment incident.

    Lesson: either Knorr=Jehovah or Jehovah revealed, talked to, induced dream, gave vision? to Knorr, then Knorr REVEALED to Ramon, Richard et al.

    There will be and end to this revealing doubletalk when it ends. some ends are really coming.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Why should you learn something before you need it? The WT study was so painful. I never studied ahead of time. In fact, I stopped reading ahead in law school. You sit in the stuy. Prepared questions are asked. People answer directly from the text. The elders would have a fit if you brought in outside sources or discussed your own view. So it is repeated word for word. Next, the WT is read aloud. Please.

    If the GB can read the Bible, so can anyone else on earth. They are so old fashioned Roman Catholic. We don't' need their agency.

    I understand so much more by just reading it. Just do it.


    I just saw the mag and was just pissed. The Talk and WT study was pretty dumb today. Another picture of a teenage baptism along with a reminder that those who do not keep their oaths are deserving of death. Then they list ONLY the first baptism question in the study, hmmmmm....wonder why?

    During the talk the speaker said " The end will come in our lifetime ". So there you have it............ This was a statement mentioned at the Circuit Assembly recently, and now in a talk. I am going to watch for this " in our lifetime " phrase. They are in trouble in court for everthing from pedo's to pollution, they are selling off property like crazy and asking for more money. If the " end " is coming in our lifetime then what's with all the money? God doesn't need money to save people. Who's lifetime are we talking about anyway? The 85 year old Sister, the 40 year old Brother, the new baby in the KH? It kind of makes a difference don't you think?

  • Aware!

    It sounds like a throwback to Russel's claims that one could not understand God's word without his books.

    I have NEVER seen an illustration of someone studying just the bible. There's always the Insight book next to it and a Watchtower magazine.


    According to apologists on this site, you would have no hope of understanding God's word without the WTBTS. So all those through history that got just as many things right as the WT must have got lucky. As a matter of fact the new light released has shot that JW belief to hell! Think about it! No one born pre- 1919 was the FDS according to the nu-lite. So how do we explain away all the truths those ones found and shared with others? There was no WTBTS in existence and according to nu-lite, there is no FDS " class ". So what gives? Did Jesus step out of line? It's a good thing the FDS came along to fix his screw-up...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I don't know why they bother to call them "magazines." They seem too small to qualify. They should call them "tractazines" or "minizines" or something.


    LOL!! They suck.......

  • trillaz

    The fact that they came up with the CD ROM and now WOL shows how much they want R&F to study the Watchtower. The wanted it to be easier than having to go to the local hall, using the index books and then searching for a subject.

    A problem will come up though.

    When new adjustments come around, the GB will have to tell individual members to destroy the old copies of the CD ROM in similar fashion as the instructions to the local bodies to get rid of certain publications if they exist in the library.

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah


    Can you please give me the link to the watchtower magazine you were referring to ? I can not find it on Watchtower website.


    Zagor, I will try. I am not really good with computers. The magazine in question is the November 15, 2012 Study Edition ( not public ). I typed exactly what was said in the article. I added italics.

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