WT Society Still Lies to JW's into Believing they Live Forever - 12/15 WT

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  • flipper

    ZIDDINA- Exactly, I thought that was a pretty good statement as well. WT Society is same as the Devil telling JW's they won't die. Pretty interesting

  • Apognophos

    It's sad to think of all the older anointed ones who are expecting to go up in the twinkling of an eye when they pass away. Instead, they just die. It's not like they ever find out they were wrong, but somehow that depresses me more. They're expecting to see heaven, and instead-- nothingness.

    Ergo, carpe diem! You never know if there'll be a tomorrow.

  • flipper

    APOGNOPHNOS- Very true what you say. It is sad, but also kind of ironic in a funny way if you consider people who were power mad like Ted Jaracz- I mean how fitting that all that's happening to him is he's wasting away decaying in a grave when he thought he'd be ruling as a king in heaven. I see it as kind of a poetic justice when it happens to a person like him who was so judgmental and abusive in real life

  • BluesBrother

    They are not too fussy from whom they quote, if the words are right in their eyes. Para 14 of the same article says :

    "Professor F. Dale Bruner writes of such treasures: “It is well known that fame is fickle. Last Saturday’s hero is next season’s has-been. This year’s financial success is next year’s bankruptcy. . . . [Jesus] loves human beings. He urges them to avoid the inevitable despair that comes with evanescent glory. It doesn’t last. Jesus does not want [his] disciples [to be] disappointed. ‘Every day the world turns over on someone who was just sitting on top of it.’”

    Professor F Dale Bruner is a "Master of Divinity" a "Professor of Religion" who has taught all over the U.S., according to Wikipedia - The kind of person that the dubs call "antichrist" and whose works are shunned by the r & f on the instruction of the WT. But he is called Professor, and the words fit , so 'what the hell? The readership won't know any different'

  • undercover

    same issue, different article, if I can hi-jack for a moment, the WTS upholds the counsel that certain forms of 'in vitro fertilization' are "unacceptable to God's servants". Especially when sperm of someone not the husband is used to fertilize the wife's eggs, or if embryos placed in the wife 'involve neither her eggs nor her husband's sperm'.

    They quote the Old Testament, or, Hebrew Scriptures, if you prefer: "You must not give your emission as semen to the wife of your associate to become unclean by it", and then the article goes on to say, quote: "When fertilization involving eggs or sperm (or both) from someone not within the marriage union occurs, this amounts to what the Bible terms porneia, sexual immorality. Those procedures are a gross misuse of the sexual organs"

    So, the WTS hasn't changed their viewpoint on this.... and apparently Jehovah is still quilty of porneia. Under WT law, he grossly misued the virgin Mary's sexual organs.

  • ingimar

    My stepson, who was raised JW until he was 13 when his parents separated and his mom stopped attending, told me that "if Armegedon occurs and there is Paradise on Earth and if it's only JW's there, I'd rather stay dead!" Pretty harsh, I know but he feels that his childhood was ruined because of his JW parents. He is very upset that his dad has recently started attending the hall again. I have told his dad that he will be lonely in his so-called paradise because none of his family will be there.

  • flipper

    BLUES BROTHER- Exactly. If it fits WT Society leaders agendas they will quote from anyone to slant it their way. Good point you make that the WT Society hides the real source and background of whom they quote from and JW's just lap it up like unsuspecting animals in a trap. It's really seedy of the WT Society.

    UNDERCOVER- Good example of God misusing Mary's sex organs with your example of the WT Society's views of in vitro fertilization - the WT Society is so hypocritical about everything they do it's amazing.

    INGIMAR- I think most of us would agree here with your stepson that if only JW's were in Paradise we'd rather be dead. I understand his reasoning. But don't worry- no such thing as a " paradise " , so we're all safe. Sorry to hear his dad is going back to meetings. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    flipper, we need to pity everyone believing all the garbage and untruth the WTS is able to endlessly manufacture. They have a Etch-a-Sketch doctrine board, shake that sucker up hard and create new exciting ideas depressed and burned-out dubs will accept without questioning.

    I pray for them at night, it's not funny how deeply imbedded these crazy doctrines and crooks are controlling decent people's minds. This religion suits the pharisees well, it empowers them to treat other members like sh*t, while feeling pious and righteous. I was under attack by two witnesses who break all the WTS rules but still use their police to chase possible apostates down. Their minds are closed until someone does something evil to them or their child and elder justice never arrives. It's possible a family member they love might be disfellowshiped, than the "house of cards" will begin to topple as the dub ask "why, he/she was a good person!"

    Till then, "Imagine yourself ten thousand years in the future looking back, now your glad you spent all that time placing books, maga-tracts and papers while the Governing Body never went in field service!"

    The saying "If you understand a crazy person's mind" should keep you from pondering the mad rantings of these lunatics.

  • flipper

    ARBOLESDEARABIA- Believe me, I do pity all the JW's that are taught this crap from the WT Society. I have 2 adult daughters who are STILL trapped inside it. As to producing " new ideas " that burned out J-dubs will accept - well, yes if they escape from under the WT Society MIND CONTROL they will be ready to accept new ideas - but many JW's are not ready as they are mind controlled robots still. Under captivity by WT concepts. I try to do my part by starting threads about Steve Hassan's books dealing with the danger of mind control and to give access to this information to any exiting JW's in order for them to understand WHY it's so hard to escape the clutches of the WT Society.

    I agree with you that JW's are mind controlled from the top down, including some high ranking WT leaders. That being said don't worry too much about me pondering on these WT articles, I only read the mind controlled statements in each article that I think needs exposing in a thread in order to awaken exiting JW's. I NEVER read this crap through cover to cover. Only what I see as necessary to post so people can see the insanity of the lunatics running the asylum so to speak

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