Why don't established religions care about Ron Wyatt's archaelogical findings confirming the Bible?

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    I ran into Ron Wyatt while doing alot of archeological research. He's a quack. He's been proven to be a fraud that has perpetetrated a great hoax. He claims to have discovered the Ark of the covenant, as well as Noahs ark.

    Ron Wyatt was neither a professional archaeologist nor a specialist in any scientific field that would help him in evaluating the sites and items he claimed to have found. He was a nurse- anesthetist by trade, embarking on amateur archaeological expeditions as time and finances permitted.

    Wyatt made his first trip to Turkey in 1977. He was convinced from his very first visit that the formation he had seen in the picture in Life magazine was, indeed, Noah's Ark. Over the next decade he worked at convincing others to accept and verify through scientific methods his own convictions about the site.

    Initial reports from the investigations seem to have been wildly enthusiastic, including claims about "trainloads" of evidence available, particularly "deck timbers."

    But as the years went by, only a handful of items of alleged evidence from the site have ever been shown by Wyatt to the public. These included a single specimen eighteen inches long said to be "petrified wood" (and further alleged to be "laminated"), a small object said to be a fossilized metal "rivet", and some printouts of both radar scans of the site and of lab analyses done on the alleged "wood" and "rivet."

    Wyatt was never able to deliver on his "trainloads of evidence" claims. Enthusiastic folks who have seen one or more of his videos still describe to their friends that Wyatt found trainloads of "deck timber," but there has never been any credible evidence that any of the items seen or brought back by Wyatt was such "deck timber." Initial laboratory analyses of the one 18 inch piece of rock didn't totally "rule out" that it might be fossilized wood, but further investigation shows that no qualified scientists interpret the data as substantiating Wyatt's claim for it.

    The "tests" ordered by Wyatt on various items that he claimed "prove" that the objects were what he said they were do nothing of the kind. Most were just raw analyses of the chemical composition of samples … not statements by a lab, for instance, that an object was "fossilized laminated timber." And later examination of the alleged timber piece by various geologists who are familiar with rocks and minerals of the region have stated that there is absolutely no reason to conclude the item is "fossilized timber" … other than Wyatt's fervent wish that it be such. The same is true for the single sample of an item that Wyatt claimed was a "fossilized metal rivet." The alleged lab analyses of the item did nothing to establish that it was, indeed, a rivet.

    Ron Wyatt was simply a layman. He was a Seventh Day Adventist that drew many people into the SDA church by his fraudulent claims. It's no wonder a JW would be attracted to him since the WT and SDA are cousins.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Ron Wyatts claims about "Noahs Ark", true or false?

    • Radar shows man-made (boat) structure . . . . . . . . . .FALSE
    • There is a regular metallic pattern . . . . . . . . . . . . FALSE
    • Lab tests show petrified laminated wood . . . . . . ..FALSE
    • Turkish scientists found metal rods . . . . . . . . . . . . FALSE
    • Metal artefacts have been proved by lab . . . . . . ..FALSE
    • There are ‘ship’s ribs’ showing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FALSE
    • There is lots of petrified wood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FALSE
    • Turkish Commission says ‘it’s a boat . . . . . . . . . ..FALSE

    Wyatt also claimed to have been directly led in a supernatural way to find these items:

    - How Wyatt came to know where to begin digging to find the Ark of the Covenant : It was alleged that he "spontaneously" and to his own surprise pointed to the site while walking in Jerusalem with an Israeli archaeological official, and said "The Ark of the Covenant is there." It was several years later that he actually began digging at the site. The implication was obviously that God had "inspired" Wyatt to utter the statement and supernaturally guided his hand to point.

    - A physical appearance by, and discussion with, a being Wyatt claimed was Jesus Christ Himself : While involved in a dig in Jerusalem, a "stranger" was alleged to have "blessed" his work and noted to Wyatt that he was "on the way from South Africa to the New Jerusalem." Although the being did not identify himself, Wyatt stated categorically that it was Jesus.

    - An encounter with angels in the "chamber" in which Wyatt claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenan t: Wyatt alleged that after several visits to the chamber which was filled with debris, he came back one day to find it cleaned and the "Temple furnishings" including the Ark of the Covenant, arranged in the room just as they would have been in the Temple. He then realized there were four angels in the chamber with him, who had done this work. He spoke with one of them, they removed the mercy seat from the Ark and had him remove the Ten Commandment stones.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    So my question to this JW is: Do you only believe Ron Wyatt's findings but NOT the supernatural "evidence"? Or do you believe that he actually met Jesus, was supernaturally guided in his digs, and saw 4 angels when discovering the Ark of the Covenant?


  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    Kosonen said:

    And to you requiring that Ron Wyatt needs diplomas from universities before he can say something:

    If a child sees the king is naked, he does not need diplomas to be able to convince.

    Are you honestly comparing the extremely disciplined and complex skill of interpreting archeological artifacts, which takes years of hard work and study, to the simple task of identifieying whether a guy is wearing his pants or not? Apples and oranges my friend.


  • unstopableravens

    no disprest kos but you and kjw53 have so much in common you start a discussion and hide in caves, you both make claims but dont stay to discuss it. like i said you put your trust in people like this guy but dont believe the claims in the bible,if im wrong come and stay awhile and talk,this is to improtant to post a comment and than go into hiding. this is my opinion , just saying. good day

  • EntirelyPossible

    I have seen videos about this, and these videos are of so good quality that there is no doubt that it is true. Have you seen these videos? I think you haven't, otherwise you would believe.

    MY GOD! You're right! The Hobbit is also good quality and therefore MUST be true!

  • Lore
    But on other things he has proofs, I have seen videos confirming the other findings, like the true crossing point of the Read Sea.

    He claims to have fournd a wheel off a beach in Nuweiba. He also claims that wheel was from an egyptian chariot.

    He then leaves it up to fundamentalists to assume that this is just one of thousands of chariot wheels from Pharoahs army who all died in a miraculous crossing of the Red Sea Gulf of Aqaba while chasing Moses and the Israelites.

    Assuming this wasn't impossible to be true it would of course mean that there are millions of historical artifacts down there just waiting to be recovered. It's a shame nobody with so much as a little initiative believed him in the past 2 decades or they could be rich by now.

    Actually it doesn't add up at all. First of all I know it's impossible for the biblical account to be true as written.

    If the plagues happened that would mean that in the span of a few short years or less. Egypt lost:

    It's entire fishing industry due to the whole nile turning into blood killing any fish.

    All of it's livestock (save for the horses that later pulled the chariots I assume)

    It's entire labor force, being set free to wander around for 40 years.

    All of their crops from hail.

    All of their crops from Locusts.

    All of their firstborn children.

    Tons of other people died from disease and hail.

    It's ruler and his heir both died.

    The entire army including all their weapons, chariots and armor sunk to the bottom of some body of water.

    All or most of their gold and wealth was given to the Hebrews

    Leaving the Egyptians with no food of any kind, no leadership, no morale, no way to defend themselves and nothing to trade for supplies.
    And yet historically it looks like they were in one of their most prosperous dynasties rather than being completely dissolved into the neighboring nations.

    A single uneducated dude, who I know to have been a fraud about other things, claiming that he found a single wheel (where there should be tens of thousands along with weapons and armor) is just not enough to change all that.

    Even if I had some reason to believe his claims, I'd figure the wheel was from a merchant ship or something more reasonable.

    Ignoring ALL of that. The wheel he claims to have found isn't even in the right spot. Here's where Ron thinks the Israelites crossed: Linky

    That's the Gulf of Aqaba. To even get there they would have had to already crossed or gone around the Red Sea to the West and ran right PAST Mount Sinai located here

    So they would have had to go BACK across the Gulf of Aqaba that they just got done crossing, or gone up around it again just to get to Mount Sinai.

    Unless Mount Sinai is in a completely different spot than everyone else thinks. Which Ron claims. His reason for thinking that? Because he wants it to be true so that his other theory about the gulf crossing can also be true. So he chose some random hill in the middle of nowhere that he claims looks like god set the top on fire.

    Ultimately, why don't mainstream relgions embrace his wacky ideas? Because their own wacky ideas don't need proof, even fake proof. They can just claim stuff and their people believe it.

    They've gotten away with being super-vague so far, why take the risk of being specific and allowing yourself to be proven wrong?

  • Lore

    His videos are available here for like $20 a copy: http://arkdiscovery.com/DVD-RGT.htm

    But of course it's also available on Youtube. They seem to be of the same quality as your standard youtube/powerpoint slideshow.


    It provides no evidence, just makes claims.

    For Elijahs cave, I would expect something like:

    "We can tell this is Elijah's cave because it contains traces of magic mushroom paste dating back to the time of Elijah and drawings of Elijah's visions blah blah blah."

    Instead it's just: "And here's Elijah's cave because we said so! Look at it, it's a cave in a desert, what else could it have possibly been?"

  • tec

    The giraffe is not a product of evolution. Sheesh. If you want to know the real reason giraffes have long necks, the answer is in the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift. *



    *humor alert, for those who have seen the movie :)

  • freydo

    Same reason they don't believe in the Ten Commandments. They say they do but they don't.

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