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  • OneDayillBeFree

    I believe that everyone of us, witnesses or not, should take a look at this video. It's a beautifully done short film/documentary about Robert Fitzpatrick shot starting on May 1st, 2011 until the 21st of May. It nearly made me cry as I heard the similarities between his beliefs and those of the witnesses.

    In the end I had to ask myself, are Jehovahs witnesses any different than them or any other end times cult/religion? Of course I know the answer, but the fact of seeing someone with such a strong conviction even though he is wrong just makes me feel sick to my stomach as it's almost an exact parallel for all of the honest hearted good brothers and sisters out there who belief everything the WTB&TS tells them.

    What do you guys think?

    I wish you all a happy post mayan apocalyptic day along with a merry christmas and a happy new year.


  • irondork

    Stranger: Are you giving back any refunds?

    Robert Fitzpatrick: I never collected any money. It was all my money.

    Stranger: Yeah, but... I didn't pay my rent this month because I thought it was all going to end today. I gave it to the homeless in preperation for today.

    Robert Fitzpatrick: I'm sorry about that. I spent a lot more money than you.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    he now feels he was wrong to try and predict the rapture?...

    as one bystander said: "no one knows the day or the many times does that need to be said?"

    Truly the world is sick and tired of doomsdayers. How many times do these types get to cry wolf and get off scot free? As far as I am concerned, getting laughed at is getting off easy. His predictions based on Campings figures cost a lot of people a lot of money. All these end time groups and individuals cause people to lose money, health and life. They are scammers, no better than the Nigerians who send me emails telling me they need help to get money out of the country. Just because they beleive their own bullshit still doesn'tmake it OK.


  • cantleave

    Wow!! The similarities are amazing. 1975 all over again. Sadly this won't be the last time a group of people will predict the end using some irrelavant ancient writings.

    I hate religion.

  • Heartofaboy

    I feel terribly sad for him.

    Yes he was wrong to predict what he thought he understood from the Bible...........but I have been in that same situation when I was surrounded by a crowd of scoffing fellow pupils at school because of what the GB of the WBTS told me to witness to my class mates about.

    It was truly horrible.

    I will NEVER put myself in that situation again not even for the smoke & mirrors god of the Jews.

  • wasblind

    I remember back in 1988 ( If I recalled the year correctly ) one of the head men at our plant

    shaved his mustache and beard off because the religion he was in was expectin' the end

    after that, He couldnt really tell me a damn thing that I could take seriously

    Sadly, ever scince my brush wit the Jehovah's Witnesses, My siblings think the same thing about me

    My street cred is blown. My Sisters don't allow me my opinion on religion anymore. I have fallen from grace


  • losthobbit

    Thank you for sharing, OneDayillBeFree.

    I read the book, "When Prophecy Fails," in which the authors inflitrate an end-of-world group until the day the prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled, and record how the members react when time is up. Very interesting to actually watch it happen in the video shared here.

    According to I have survived about fifty apocalyptic prophecies in my lifetime, and that's including only one of the thirteen dates attributed to the JW's.

    Merry Christmas everyone :)

  • Vanderhoven7


  • panhandlegirl

    wasblind, my daughter does't trust my judgement either. When I gave her some advice about a certain religion, she replied that I had told her the WTS was the "truth" and it turned out to be wrong so she no longer trusted me about religion.

    She was a born-in into the borg. Thank God she never got baptized. Like one of the people in the video said: " No one knows the day or the hour," why do people keep predicting the unknowable!

    cantleave, I hate religion also.


  • fulltimestudent

    What can we say? We have all been involved in and victims of this Christian bull-shit. I remember an elderly (jw) sister's telling me that in response to the nearness of the 1919 expectation that her mother sold their house.

    And, if you were involved in serving Yahweh the "loving God" (haha) in his fulltime service, for any length of time, it may have cost you (as part of your life earnings) hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a million or more.

    And, we can think back to William Miller, whose teachings on the "end" became part of the American psyche, and informs American religious discourse to this day. His dates of 1843/44 all failed, with (according to one account) some adherents freezing to death (on one night) as they waited for the Lord to appear to them. Yahweh/Jesus had no mercy on them.

    You can find a version of Miller's calculations in Wikipedia. Refer, You will not fail to note their resemblance to Jws calculations.

    And, early Christians also were to live in constant expectation, as is clear in the early Christian document, The Shepherd of Hermas.

    (Reference: )

    That account was very popular in the early church, and accorded great respect within the church. A copy is bound into the Codex Sinaiticus. The beliefs of these early Christians as seen in this early writing are often quite unusual. But my point in referring to the work, is that the expectation of Christ's return among early Christians failed for them, just as it has failed Jehovah's witnesses on all the various dates and non-dates they have pointed to, and just as it failed those more orthodox Christians who expected the return and end in the year 2000.

    Christ's return and the end of the world is just another failed Biblical prophecy, all those who hope in him are doomed to sad disappointment

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