This is just sad...

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  • zeb

    Hey 'Wasblind"... their loss not yours.

    Big hugs from me.

    .."Down to Gehenna or up to the throne

    he travels the fastest who travels alone"....

    for all those folk whose familys havedumped them here is a big hug from me..

  • zeb

    Yes full time student.

    all these who 'predict' are running way ahead of the scriptures and suffer an appaling ego and absence of corporate humility.

    Did christ say to the lame and the sick and the blind, "Hey listen up go to the temple and pray (real hard especially if you are a beaten wife) and wait on jehovah and in the end of times if you are not dead he will cure you"

    No! Christ healed them. As was in his power to do.

    I asked years ago how come we are not running feeding, housing, even aged care homes as the greatest enemy of man is getting old sick demented.

    I got what was to become all the usual blather.

    I was a nurse and I would like to see jw and the sisters who can stand in gender closed groups and talk shit at every opportunity in their skimpy clothes.

    I would like to see them and FDS (that doesnt exist-- a"convenient theological arrangement" and the Bethel bosses all cleaning up the faeces, the vomit, and handling the pain the despair.

    Perhaps facing the moral dilemas too of disconnecting someone from the oxygen the tubes and then sitting with them as they die...

    then tell their relatives of the death and be a sponge for all the tears.

    Yes that $80,000,000 the wts made from the sale of (was it just) one building would buy a lot of nursing home space.

    Money. my ex congregation has been set a huge rennovation program to build into the kh a unit for ex missionary couplesand to do some large renovations generally but...THEY have to raise the money first. ....................Vipers! and the jw in that hall are all pensioners or on low or part time incomes.

    and who will own the renovated hall when it is all done?

  • wasblind

    Thank you Panhandle girl and Zeb

    My family are not Witnesses, they tried to warn me but I wouldn't listen

    what they fail to realize is that folks who got out of that cult are more aware than ever

    I am now a certified cult spotter

  • poppers

    Great video - thanks for posting, OneDay.

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