How Science has advanced since the Victorian Era...

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  • brizzzy

    And all power to 'em. But if I was dying, and maggots were the only cure, they'd have to either sedate me and do it without telling me, or I'd have to start figuring out who to leave all of my stuff to in my will. Because I swear, I would have a heart attack once they brought in the bowl of maggots.

  • mamochan13

    Yeah, the maggot thing kinda freaks me out, too. But apparently they are amazing at debriding dead tissue and cleaning wounds that have not responded to antibiotics. There is a research and education centre devoted to leech, maggot, and other similar therapies. Quite fascinating. Both creatures have now been classified as live medical devices.

    If push came to shove, I guess I could tolerate maggots if it meant a limb could be saved from amputation. It would have to be pretty drastic, though.

    PS, Zid - I'm only getting caught up on this thread tonight. I spent half the day in emerg with one of my daughters who fell down the stairs and seriously damaged her shoulder. While waiting I couldn't help but think of how medical treatment has advanced even over just the past few years. It's like scientific knowledge has suddenly fast-tracked.

  • brizzzy

    Oh no, Mamochan! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter :( I hope she heals up soon!

  • jgnat

    I hope your daughter will be fine, mamochan. Yes, modern medical miracles. My son was in a serious car accident a couple years ago. As a consequence, his shoulder was demolished. It took hours of surgery and a metal plate to rebuild it. Without that surgery, my son would have just one working arm today.

  • mamochan13

    Thanks for your kind comments, Brizzy and Jgnat. I think she'll be okay, but she will have to go for physiotherapy. She's in a lot of pain. We were both surprised at how serious the injury actually turned out to be. Falls scare me - they can be really dangerous at any age.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Seriously. Think of maggots like a bad craigslist first date

  • smiddy

    It is said" A picture speaks more than a thousand words" The illustrations in watchtower literature eg:" Paradise Lost Paradise Regained"doesn`t seem to incorporate any modern technology ,are the houses one builds equipped with electricity ? sewrage ? Gas ? the advances made in chemistry that permeate modern living appliances ? just to name a few . I`m sure their are heaps more examples that could be made . Who is going to provide these services ?And what is the difference then of what we have today .structural organization .

    Or is the new system going to take humanity back to the stone age .


  • NewChapter

    What are those fish that are supposed to give a great pedicure?

  • palmtree67
    What are those fish that are supposed to give a great pedicure?

    Ironically, they are called Doctor Fish.

    But I think they are a type of carp.

  • prologos

    technology? they show sailing boats. one they had sailing backward. new technology.

    I think the consensus is that it is undesirable under WT control. it will not happen. the greedy will not inherit gods kingdom (if any)

    As time goes on more will realize the harsh reality of "the new world society" and stop recommending it door to door.

    all that pain not for gain but for more pain later, forever.


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