How Science has advanced since the Victorian Era...

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  • ziddina

    Hee hee hee!!

    Damn, that was my last post for a while....

  • jgnat

    Palm: So we shouldn't trust any doctors today.

    That's right! We have google!

  • brizzzy

    And WebMD. The refuge of hypochondriacs everywhere!

  • Satanus

    Another thing, courtesy of the victorians - pornography. Before the victorians, all ltierature and pics were in a continuum, ie what we know as porn and regular lit or pics were considered of the same medium group. It was the victorians that decided that what we now call porn should be shielded from the average rube, and perused only be gentlemen who would not be affected by it, while appreciating its beauty. And so, a new classification of medium was created.


  • EntirelyPossible

    I haven't been keeping up, but compare the advances in computing technology from the lates 1800's to today. Massive leap forward, even though some of the logic they developed then is still in use today.

  • mamochan13

    Phrenology might have been misguided, but it did lead to more advanced discoveries in psychology. Which is what I also love about science. Scientists take weird bizarre ideas and test them. If they stand up to the test, they can be explored further. Scientists recognize if there is something of value, and they are not afraid to adjust their viewpoint. Science does not cling to an idea simply because it was written in some old book.

    Now, Nicola Tesla - there's a scientist! Mainstreamers didn't recognize his genius. When I was a kid my dad built a Tesla coil. He spent hours and hours wrapping copper around a post, then he entertained us (and all the neighbourhood) with his "lightening machine." (I still wonder if it contributed to his and my mom's cancer diagnoses). I tried to write an essay about Tesla at school at the time, but could find absolutely nothing in the libraries about him. That's another way science has advanced - we now have the Internet, we now have shared knowledge. I was so thrilled to discover the truth about Tesla on the Internet as an adult. It's all out there now - the good, the bad, the mistakes, the journey.

    p.s., Brizzy - leeches are still actually used among more progressive healers. They have an amazing ability to reduce swelling and promote healing. It's interesting how so many of these traditional forms of healing have not been discounted completely and are now being used to great effect.

  • brizzzy

    Yup, but that's not how they were used back then, Mamochan!

  • JeffT

    The whole system of classifying animals is undergoing a huge change with the advent of DNA analysis. The old method was to classify animals according to shared characteristics. Now we are discovering that animals that seem to be related by anatomy are not connected at all, and animals that don't look alike at all, are genetically related. And ecologists are classifying species by ecological niche...

    My Dad once told me that he can remember when his father (an old time country doc) was astounded when his patients stopped dieing of pneumonia with the discovery of sulpha drugs in the 1930's.

    There is a modern use for phrenology: you examine a person's character and then beat lumps into his head to match.

  • d

    I am amazed at how much of an advacement society has made in terms of science and technology. A good example of this the Internet.

  • EntirelyPossible

    The integrated cicuit was one of the biggest computer technology advances ever.

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