the mess in the west continued

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  • mrsjones5

    " However, my sister in Indiana says California snow is tourist snow. Where she lives they get the real thing."

    As an ex resident of Indiana I would agree but I'm currently in the low lands of California. I miss the snow but not the ice.

  • Glander

    Saturday evening I wanted to watch a football game but snow had covered the sat dish. So I took a 6' aluminum step ladder and a 12' long piece of 1/2" PVC pipe with a rag tied on the end to wipe it off. Had to go to the second from the top step and reach with the pole but I got the snow off.

    Then everything went to hell. The ladder shifted on the snow and I went for the ride. Saw stars when the back of my head hit a fence post and my body took out 4 pickets of the fence and busted a heavy cast iron trellis. The ladder was a pretzel.

    I've got bruises that are a different color every morning, a 3 day headache and something going on with my back.

    Anybody know how to watch dish TV in a snowstorm without killing yourself?

  • mrsjones5

    Gman! You scared me half to death! Ladders and snow don't mix!

  • Hortensia

    Glander! Doll! Please don't do that again. They have giant screens in lot of bars, go out and watch the game in one of those places.

    Free2beme -- coffee one of these days? meet halfway in Yreka?

    Kurtbethel, grew up in San Diego, in what used to be Circuit #1. Attended KH in San Diego, Encanto, National City, North Park. I lived there for 40 years then moved to Palm Springs area. No longer a JW by then, of course. My sister and her family have lived in Encinitas for nearly 30 years, I think.

    Balaamsass -- I am the token cynic in Mount Shasta. All these other folks are true believers. By the way, I have a Sparlock bumper sticker. I watch people stop and read it, look puzzled and move on. I took some pliers out with me, the doohickeys on the tires turned easily. Went to see some friends, driving in heavy snow, a heady experience for a SoCal girl. In the end, one of them drove me home, as my car was buried by then. It has been coming down quite heavily all day. I'm reveling in it, and I expect I'll see my car next week some day.

    Mrs. Jones -- I thought you would agree with my sister! Currently I'm in my toasty living room, watching the snow pile higher and higher. THIS is why I moved to the mountains!

    CoCo -- how is it in your neck of the woods? Cheers (raising my cup of coffee, imagining your glas off red wine)

  • Hortensia

    reminder to hortensia, edit your damned posts!

    imagining your glass of red wine -- duh

  • Chariklo

    60-70-car crash?

    How fast were they travelling?

  • jgnat

    Weenies. Put on your snow tires and your chains and be done with it.

    Weather in the Canadian Boonies

  • jgnat

    Charilko, you don't have to be going very fast. All you have to do is follow-too-close.

  • mrsjones5

    Chains are for wimps. j/k

    We lived for 7 years in snow country and never used chains. That said if I ever go up to the Sierras during the winter you wouldn't catch me without them.

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