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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Nope. No secrets between me and Mrs. BOC

  • cofty
  • 144001

    Ma bu hu heba keemosape

    No secrets.

  • wasblind

    Women need more stuff than men, some men will never understand that

    If a man don't asked, don't say nothin'. Keep peace

    And if he do ask, tell 'em you got a headache. Trust, he don't want you to have

    that headache at bedtime. He'll stop askin'


  • Glander

    We have both been through the years of raising a big family on a very limited budget. We had to use food stamps in the '70's. Grateful for the assistance. When we got out of the dead end JW mindset (that we would be saved by Armageddon at any moment), in the early 80's, we both worked hard to be independent.

    For many years now we operate on a budget that we both honor and discuss before we spend any serious money.

    We recently splurged on an ipad for her birthday and a Kindle Fire for me, an early xmas present. We discussed and shopped for several weeks before we did it.

    If we don't live too long, we'll be fine.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I would never spend a significant amount of money on anything without discussing it with Just Ron. What qualifies as a significant amount varies with our income level and the type of item being purchased. I wouldn't hesitate to spend $200 on groceries without consulting him, but I would never spend that amount on a non-necessary item without consulting him first.

  • Hortensia

    I always earned my own money and paid my own way, even while married. It feels better that way. Since it was my money, no need to explain to anyone what I did with it, even the husband. I like it better that way. I never questioned what he did with his money as long as the bills were paid.

  • tec

    I do the budget and the bills and so I handle all the funds. He knows what he needs to give out of his pay for simply living, and anything above that is his to do with as he pleases. If I do dip into that extra, then I tell him or I at least try and make sure it goes back in from my tips or something. Of course, he never asks for me to put it back in. We have a very mine is yours; yours is mine system. (has taken a few years to come to this peace concerning financial matters, mind you)



  • justmom

    Great thoughts guys....

    I don't tell him everything I spend for a few reasons.

    1. He truly doesn't care as long as I'm happy LOL

    2. As long as he gets his allowance he asks for when he gets paid for little things he's happy. LOL

    3. I handle all the budgeting and bill paying so I know what comes in and goes out. As long as the bills are paid he's happy. Been that way for 32 years.

    4. I give/spend more on my children and family than he would.

    5. And he would probably STILL have his first dollar (not quite but close) he earned. LOL

    So thats my story and i'm sticking to it!!!!!


  • moshe

    My wife comes home from the mall and announces- I saved $150 today on the great deals I got-- then I notice $100 charges on the credit cards- it's a strange way to save money.

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