Mouthy needs a hug

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  • mouthy

    sabastiousjgnat Wow that was a HUGthanks again all..

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Grace come and live with us in a tiny cottage with a real fire, and even a flushing toilet!. The floorboards are wonky, we live on love, and I promise you I wont make you eat Lava Bread :) We can play some good ole East End tunes, and I will get you tipsy on Sherry or Advocat x

    Come on over, you would be the most awesome Gran, as seeing as Im already a gran myself gran, you would be a great great gran to my granddaughter!

    Paula xxxx

  • jgnat

    I just had to look up that laver-bread.

    Laver Bread

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im Welsh and even I cant bear it Jgnat, and believe me I tried, warm and cold. Fabulous source of iron though, and a traditional part of a Welsh/British breakfast. Feel like a traitor, but cant blooming stand the stuff.

    Grace, you can have warm rolls, crispy bacon and some good ole HP Sauce me ol' duck xxxxxxx

  • jgnat

    Well, my long gone ancestors were Scottish and I won't touch haggis. My husband is Hungarian and he hates goulash.

    Go figure.

  • Glander

    Love you sweety!

  • mouthy

    Oh what a wonderful offer Pam. I was evacuated to LLanduduno, when I was 10.. lived with the Evans
    Wonderful people Atheists. who told me to go outside the Church and shout out
    "TOoTHADIN "It spelt wrong but I learned it meant arseholeswhen I grew up.LOL

    I would LOVE to come there again but theonly place I am going from here is UP or Down God knows.

    Glander Jgnat

  • Bangalore

    Merry Christmas,Grace.


  • grumblecakes


    Also, i baked you one of my world famous grumblecakes for chrismas!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Love you, Grace!


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