I was the weird kid in the class....

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  • wasblind

    I think all children, non- witnesses alike feel out of place and akward at times

    in their lives. That in itself is natural. Jehovah's witnesses put undue pressure

    on children to make martyrs out of thier kids

    Even when they do " Putt Jehovah first" in the things required. the children are still told not to

    participate in extracurricular school activities because they need to

    Not waste that opportunity to serve Jehovah even more

    Do More than the day before, because yesterday wasn't enough



  • punkofnice

    MrFreeze – Swap places? LOL

    Bigmac – The tears of a clown my friend, the tears of a clown!

    Wasblind – I am very jaded now thanks to the WBT$......I wish I could pay them back but alas…..how can I get up close and 1-2-1 with members of the GB? I'd give them a loving 'Glasgow kiss'.

    Stuckinlimbo – There are some terrible tragedies aren’t there. I send positive vibes to those left behind.

    PaintedToeNail – I wasn’t very good at maths at school.

    Colbaltcupcake – Sadly the link didn’t work but I hear ya!

    Cantleave – Twas a lonely childhood as I recall. Just me and my imagination! I remember being happy to be ill so I could miss meetings or stay in my room when the ‘group study’™ was held downstairs.

    Broken Promises – Every cloud has a silver an’ all!

    Diana netherton – I also feel your pain too. I wish you peace profound but I’m sure you’re doing grand!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I really felt bad for some of the kids I went out in service with. They would run into their friends at the door and it was always awkward for them. Embarressing

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Just like BigMac I went to an all boys grammar school which was a bit rough to say the least.

    However, it really toughened me up being a JW and I soon began to 'witness' on the principle of 'one good fistful is worth a thousand words'. If there was ever a brawl or fight going on, young George was probably involved and more than likely started it!

    The thing I really missed was being able to go out with the girls in the adjoining girls school. I still feel very bitter that my adolescence was stolen by the WTS.


  • kjw53

    punkofnice---- in Jesus day the true followers and their children were cheered and jeered and thrown to the lions and murdered as a public spectacle. Proving that satan is the ruler of this world( system of things) as Jesus taught. The followers in Jesus day stood strong and beat satan.

    I also had a hard time in school standing up for Jehovah and turned to smoking to try and fit in, but thank God i came to my senses in time and turned back from trying to fit in with wickedness.

    There are two choices in this world--be no part of it like Jesus taught his followers would be hated for-- or join in to fit in.

  • mrsjones5

    Thank goodness the lion pit days are gone. I'm a born-in. It wasn't the best childhood but my parents did try to make it seem normal (somewhat normal). We got our fair share of toys and I'm thankful my parents allowed us that. I'm not raising my kids on the inside but they get to do what I wasn't allowed to, celebrate holidays and birthdays. It's normal to them and I like it like that. And no they don't smoke, do drugs, or run the streets like the criminals we all know all worldly kids to be (that's sarcasm).

  • unstopableravens

    punk, i remember those days. you not alone buddy, i remember being the only kid to have to go to a different room and read a book while ppl had a b day party,and always gave the same response as akid because ppl get there head cut off on b-days lol looking back its really sad.

  • Hortensia

    haha! I had to sit out holiday events at school with a girl from the Radio Church of God in Christ. Her religion was even wierder than mine! Funny old days. Glad they're over.

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