Requalifying as an Elder

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  • alfredjones100

    I'd like to throw something out to the exElders.

    Over the years since I stepped down as an Elder, my dislike for the Society and its ways has clearly grown.

    But my love for the Bible and my family and friends in the congregation has not got less.

    I feel sorry that they are not mature enough to grasp the concept that you dont need the Society to make God happy.

    So I have been thinking ( and its just a crazy thought at the moment ) to requalify as an Elder and to begin to really teach the truth.

    To really challenge their thinking and take my talks to the limit without getting busted as a heretic.

    Whats youre thought?

  • Tater-T

    why not!! go 4 it!!

  • punkofnice
    requalify as an Elder

    Best of luck with that. A 5th columnist, ay?

    How can you tow the WBT$ party line of disgusting lies and do this...........

    begin to really teach the truth.

    They'll cotton on to you and have your guts for garters. Especially if you turn a paedo in to the police!

    I admire your motives though. Not something I could do.

  • Tater-T

    I was thinking of going in and overtly worshiping the governing body till it is so sickening that, "they" have to talk you down ... or is that even possible

    LOl ..

  • Balaamsass

    Why not go all the way??? Pioneer, go the MTS School, become a Para Legal, Bethel, start partaking, and get on the Governing Body?

    Some FBI agents did it in the past...if they can!

    Be sure to post all the secret communications here...OK?

  • punkofnice

    Baalam -

    Some FBI agents did it in the past..

    Oooooh.......tell me more............

  • OnTheWayOut


    Ray couldn't change the organization's direction. You won't be able to change a congregation's direction. If anything, work on a single individual (besides yourself) if you think you can help enlighten them. You don't need to kiss ass to become an elder to do that.

  • Borges

    Don't do it. Why should you deceive people who are already deceived?

    When you know it's all bs, than have the guts and stand for your opinion. Tell them what you think and leave. They have to wake up on their own.

  • LostGeneration

    begin to really teach the truth

    Why not start your own church?

  • cedars

    I've sometimes thought along similar lines. When I was already beginning to awaken it was made clear to me that I could be an elder again if I put forth a bit of effort. I just kept thinking "what's the point?" That's still how I feel. Elders are just company men - local managers acting under the umbrella of the Watch Tower Society.

    I could never do that job again, but each to their own.


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