todays wt study: illustrating an illusion? not only for lurkers and faders.

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  • prologos

    an early video of the governing body showed them making weighty final decisions, such as choosing the right hue, the color of an apple in a preparation for publication.-- so we must assume that the articles -like todays study article- passed muster too.(october 15, 2012 page 22). can somebody smart put it up please.?

    looking at the head illustration with Abraham it is clear that the wt shows the stars below the clouds. and those whisps are NOT,- do not look like-, the milky way.

    Are they scientifically illiterate? or

    do they want to illustrate to those who think and see that its all a wrong vision, a dream?, an illusion?

    more than 2000 words in the article, but one picture, if analized, says it all.

    some stars even suggest Christmas decorations. New light prematurely slipping in?

  • ziddina

    Blast, now I have to go look up the mag on their website.

    Any chance of posting some pix from the mag??? Pleeeeese???

  • prologos

    sorry ziddina, but I pleaded for someone to put it up, like I did with August 15 2012 page 10 picture of "face under sacred pillar" story.

    I am old enough and sharp eyed enough to be a photo- analizer of the mustang reconnaisance aircraft film strips, but lack the skills to put up pictures here. the brains here dont need me any more.

  • grumblecakes

    are you talking about the photo on pg 22? its tiny. the sky just looks a wee bit hazy. i dont see any clouds? crap, i had my hopes up for something blatant.

  • ziddina

    Crap, the october issue isn't on their website - at least, I couldn't find it...

  • grumblecakes

    hey zid, its on there, u just gotta change the search from "latest" to " 2012", but youre really not missing much.

  • Bobcat

    What is more incredulous is the fact that Jehovah promised Abraham that his seed would be like the stars, grains of sand on the seashore and like the dust particles of the earth for multitude, and yet the Society says that a mere 144,000 is the fulfillment that promise.

    They explain this ludicrousness by saying that the number of stars, grains of sand, and dust particles constitue an 'unknown number,' which entirely misses the point of the comparison.

  • 88JM

    Someone at the meeting here read that verse in Psalm 89:35, 36 in regard to David's seed and the sun and moon being to "time indefinite".

    They commented: "so look - it means that the sun and moon will be here forever!"

    I really had to bite my tongue - I wouldn't know where to begin with that one...

  • kurtbethel

    Artistic license there. If there were anything amiss, I would be the first to call shenanigans on it.

    Now that you mention it, there are apparently 2 ghostly figures to the left of his hand, running. Looks like a boy and a girl.


  • kurtbethel

    The article is a train wreck.

    The Bible does not reveal exactly when it started. It was some time after the creation

    of Adam’s wife, Eve, about 6,000 years ago.

    The Bible used to reveal this, back before 1975, because the Watchtower told us so. Then it magically changed one day and stopped revealing it.

    Ahead of us lies the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Christ, which will ensure the fulfillment of God’s purpose

    in creating the earth to be an everlasting paradise filled with perfect mankind. (Gen. 1:27, 28; Rev. 20:6)

    Now it is the Nine Hundred Year Reign of Jesus Christ ahead of us, since it allegedly started in 1914.

    Can you be sure that you will have such a hap-py future? Indeed you can!

    I have never had a JW ever tell me they were sure they would have that future, but always would qualify it by saying they hope they would if they endure to the end, or that they have a PROSPECT of being in paradise.

    Perfect creatures who love God and imitate him do not need to make an oath; they always tell

    the truth and have complete trust in one another. But things changed with

    the introduction of human sin and im-perfection.

    This statement lacks logical consistency. The perfect creatures are supposed to be Adam and Eve. But notice how the writing changes to passive voice when referring to "the introduction of human sin and imperfection". This is a sly way to get you to avoid the obvious question, which is how a perfect creature could introduce imperfection. This is another Watchtower fiction.

    Because of rejecting Jesus Christ, the nation of Israel finally lost their fa-vored status with God along with the

    prospect of ever becoming “a king-dom of priests.” As Jesus told the Jewish leaders: “The kingdom of God will

    be taken from you...

    Another dose of the usual Watchtower antisemitism.

    Unlike natural Israel, God’s new spiritual nation has kept on bearing

    good fruit by its continual obedience to God.

    This contradicts the story that is currently toggled into place (there has always been a slave/the slave had fallen into captivity and needed restoration) since the slave was only appointed in 1919. Of course, next month this could be old light and this passage would be okay.

    This spiritual food is horribly rancid.

    If I ever find a hard copy of this, I will have to whip out my pen and mark it up.

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