What childhood toys do you remember and what memories do they bring back?

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  • mrsjones5

    I loved riding on my Krazy Kar and Big Wheel.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Lawn darts.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Mecanno, back in the 1950's and 60's.

    Limited only by your own imagination.


  • mouthy

    In England we only hung our Pillow cases at the end of our beds( we were not JWs)
    I got a box of cheesesI I always wanted that.. 6 little cheeses in it.. & a black doll.I always wanted that
    Then the war came & we didnt have any beds we slept in the bomb shelter every night,from age 11
    That is the only gift I remember at my age 85...
    Now I have the real thing I have 3 black grandkids whom I love dearly....

    But today I sit here crying thinking of all those little kids& adults that were killed in U.S.A

  • Chariklo

    I used to play with my cousins' Meccano, Grorge.

    I used to love playing with paper dolls, and making my own too, drawing and colouring them, making outfits, making up stories for them, and writing stories in exercise book after book.

    I used to read a lot. Jigsaws...loved them. And when I was quite small I remember a toy trumpet which I thought was wonderful!

  • designs

    Most challenging was the full on hand built soap box racer. For this I used 2X4s for the frame and front and rear axles and of course the wood crate for the body. Wheels were came off of tricycles, rope was tied to the ends of the wood axle for steering and you steered by pulling either side, for greater control you put your feet on the axle out by the wheels. In town was the famous Signal Hill and Hill street. Having buddies watch for traffic we started the run from a dirt side road at the top of the hill then on to the paved road and ended by steering to the right at the bottom of the run and out into the oil field derriks. All was going well until the front wheels came off....

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    I think my last Xmas before JAH!!!............ I opened this up and DIED!!!!!!!!!!!! Great gift!!!!

  • JeffT

    Toy guns, plastic soldiers. I refought the second world war endlessly. Books, books and more books, we had a couple of large sets that we added to on a regular basis.



    I also had a large collection of plastic model kits.

    I still read a lot of history and I've recently taken up model building again. I have USS Washington and USS Hornet, I'm working on HIJMS Kongo; all in 1/700. The kits now are much more accurate and much more detailed. They are also a lot more expensive. The biggest one I had as a kid (USS Midway) reatailed for $2.49. The three I have all ran $40-50.

  • wasblind

    Anybody remember two balls on a string called " Click Clacks"

    those things hurt like crazy if you missed they were dangerous

  • Chariklo

    Other toys and playthings I remember very fondly: skipping ropes and rubber balls. I used to spend hours playing happily with them, with or without other children. I enjoyed playing soldiers with my boy cousins, and re-enacting the war, as you say.

    A younger toy that I re bet very fondly was an old, shabby, fur or hair-covered ride-on dog on wheels, with rests for the feet and a pushing handle. My goodness, I loved that dog, and must have played with him till I was seven or more and too big for him. I didn't have him new. He'd been loved and played with by many cousins before me, but that didn't matter at all.

    Yes, wasblind, I do remember click clacks. I don't think I was very good at it!

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