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  • tootired2care

    Hi and welcome! I'm a relatively new agnostic and I want to encourage you to post whatever is on your mind. The more perspective we have here the richer the experience is for everyone.

  • smiddy

    Welcome to the board Face the Facts


  • whathappened

    Welcome to JWN, face the facts. Have at us.

  • jemba

    Welcome FTF I really hope your time here is as positive and healing as it has been for me! I love it here and use the loving attention as therapy. I really hope your journey of discovery helps you see TTATT.

  • Hortensia

    Funny - the OP didn't read as an attack to me. Face the Facts, the way to have a substantive discussion about a subject you care about is to start the thread yourself. For instance, I don't even know what you mean about the "third witness" but then I have been away from the org. for 30-some years.

  • FaceTheFacts

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Im working on a new thread right now. It seems like this is a tough crowd so I really have to make it good.

  • WinstonSmith

    Welcome FaceTheFacts,

    There are lots of different people from many and varied backgrounds on here. All contribute in some way to the ongoing success of this forum.

    Before starting a bunch of threads that you will struggle to keep up with (I see you have started 4 already), why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? We'd love to get to know you.

    Recovery/StillRecovery/OlinMoyle/Ethos radar mode activated.

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