Who cares about 2014

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    *** My impression is that the significance of a 100 year anniversary of 1914 is of more import to those that have left the organisation and those already questioning things****

    Exactly, don't you hate saying ..." I told you so" LOL.....

    While other aging organizations boast about their heritage, for the WBTS it will be their downfall....

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    Question: Has the WTS published the number of active sheep that's 100+

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    ***Question: Has the WTS published the number of active sheep that's 100+****

    Sorry, don't have that info, but let's consider the original teaching of the generation, it was those who fully understood what was going on in 1914, did they say 15 years of age, as an age of reasoning in 1914 ? .....so that would make the generation 115+ in 2014... and will "By NO MEANS PASS AWAY"!!! Failed prophesy....

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    They don't baptise babies. so it's clear these folk were of some age

    " Before the last members of the generation that was alive in 1914 will have passed off the scene, all thigns foretold will occur, including the " great tribulation" in which the wicked world will end "_________Reasoning book page 97

    " The " generation" that was alive at the begining of fulfillment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short."__________Reasoning book page 239

    It's very clear accordin' in the Reasoning book, they ain't talkin' bout an overlappin' generation


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    It's not just the Wintesses...someone mentioned eerily creepy...I'm a data analyst...this is what I've found so far...

    This may shed some more light on why so many different faiths are especially talkative, and there's a good joke about it all at the end. First have a gander at graphs 8A and 8B, http://www.jesusonmymind.com/services
    The BEST I've ever seen. Just pure data....why is Jan 5th 2015 a mid-point?

    Setting:...keep in mind that King Christ Jesus is opening up the invitation to all of Almighty God's Creation on earth "to be his people". He still has a VERY special place in his heart for Israel...it's Abraham's offspring!! and Abraham is the ONLY man to be called "Almighty God's Friend"...and he promised his friend Abraham, his seed will fill the earth.

    Right now, the occurring Tetrad of moons is a VERY rare event!! 4 blood moons in a row-with nothing in between! It's happened when Christ died and few other historical modern occasions. But this one has a FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE in the centre of the four...This happened at Christ's sacrifice and will never happen again for 500 hundred years. Plus it's a "Jubilee Year" for Israel. Notice the Triad of Blood Moons before and after the Tetrad of Blood moons.

    FYI - The the modern Israelites are watching this run-up with a silent expectation. The Bible says that there will be Great Tribulation BEFORE the "Sun turns to sackcloth (goat hair)", "THEN the moon turns to blood"....after that, the Great Day of the Almighty will start. So, between now and the full solar eclipse on March 20th, 2015 (7 months), there should be a vast escalation in "signs". Unlike many prophecies, THIS one appears both in the New and Old Testaments, so all Christians as well as Jews are aware!

    For what it's worth, THAT solar eclipse? ALSO happens exactly at NOON in Jerusalem. Well, 11:58am actually. There's a second, full Solar Eclipse, just before next Blood Moon Passover 2016 too.

    Pay attention, that's not all, because there are 3 VERY important Jewish festivals for Israel to God during this approach to the eclipse.

    Rosh Hashana - Sept 25, the festival of Creation and Adam and Eve...the Beginning Of All Things and the New Year for Israel!! This is also a "Jubilee Year" for Israel or "The Sabatth's Sabbath", where all debts are forgiven and God's mercies are especially generous. Second, is Yom Kippur on October 4th the Day of Atonement/Sacrifice to God by Israel, their first-fruits. Third is Sukkoth, October 8th, the Day of Salvation, or "Festival of Booths", to remind Israel of the the booths they lived in when God saved them from Egypt. These are all within 2 weeks of each other and only 4 weeks away from today. Especially watch world events during this time, both in Israel as well as world-wide up to the eclipse.

    Here are 2 web-links that are very succinct and detailed. Well worth a look from anyone who's interested....critic or not. One is more scientific that the other....which correlates the most important Jewish festivals to God to these solar events.

    http://watch.org/showart.php3?idx=104119 (last page especially)

    For those interested....Gog in the Bible would be the geographical location of Western Russia...Magog, would be the countries west of Gog and throughout the Mediterranean coastline.

    January 5th, 2015 is the mid-point of all events!!! WHY?

    Far too many of these fall on Israels holidays not to be noticeable....

    I don't normally make the point, but we ARE at the Sun's Solar Activity 12 Year Peak this year. Also, Earth barely missed an X-class solar flare 2 years ago. It would've fused all heavy electronics easily and taken years to fix, just like 1901. There are 2 "near miss comets" approaching earth in the next 4 weeks (yes, as close as the moon :). Comet's "2013RZ53" and "2009RR". Well, EVERYONE made such a big deal about an Incan scratching 2012-12-12 into a rock, maybe he could only count to 2?....I'm just saying...it's very odd..?.

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