After A Day In Field Service, Did You Get Euphoric Or A Spiritual High?

by ÁrbolesdeArabia 38 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    No, never. I do enjoy talking to people and seeing what they believe and feel. I like treating them as people not acting like I care for 1 minute until I try my sales pitch on them. The hypocrisy of Elders at the service meeting saying to make sure that people don't believe we are trying to convert them was turn off to me. Decieve people at the door and try to convert them while lying and insisting that you are not trying to. Truth needs no deception.

    The closet thing I ever had to a spiritual high was a feeling of satisfaction after a hard day of cleaning bathrooms at a DA. I felt that way because I enjoy helping others regardless of how the task was perceived. That is probably why I have never been promoted, I don't have the fire in my gut to be somebody in the org.

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  • SkyGreen

    Yes, because when u believe something is truly RIGHT, and GOOD, you feel good by doing it - when I made the effort to go out, I would feel refreshed afterwards. Now of course I know it's a waste of time, I won't go out ever again. My Saturday mornings now consist of catching up on the news online, and checking out jw net!

    Now I find fulfilment in just being the best wife and mother I can be, the best version of myself. And by helping others whenever I am able. I enjoy doing a whole lot of cooking whenever I can and taking it to neighbours or friends who are sick or going through stressful times. When my babies are older I really look forward to getting into more charitable work- actual practical help for people in need. And maybe working part time for a while again to help my husband retire earlier... So many things to look forward to now that "field service" is not my focus/wts guilt trip every co visit, assembly, km part etc.. anymore :o)

  • Tater-T

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  • WTWizard

    I felt better after spending time rigging up Halloween or Christmas lights than wasting the time in field circus. When I spend a morning rigging up Christmas decorations, I feel I accomplished something worthwhile, and it doesn't seem wasted. Spending the same amount of time in field circus was a drudgery, not to mention not having anything to show for it.

  • trillaz

    It's also having an active lifestyle being out early and doing anything you feel worthwhile, especially field work when you feel like you own a "territory" or turf.

  • brokethechain

    I did until I started doubting. While a believer, I felt so good about having spent my morning/day doing such grandiose never to be repeated work. I'm sure loads of times I was out just for the hours and it was a drudgery, but loads of times I do actually remember feeling like I had just cured someone's cancer. Then the doubts started creeping in, and it was the worst activity in the world.

  • Satanus

    I felt relief, relief from the guilt of never doing enough. It didn't last very long, though.


  • grumblecakes

    no, hated every second.

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