After A Day In Field Service, Did You Get Euphoric Or A Spiritual High?

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I know this might sound silly but Field Service did provide a strange type of good feelings after I was done. I called this the "Halo-Effect" because I felt so "righteous, obedient and good" for taking the weirdos or "the friends" in my station wagon. Vans and Station Wagon owners in the congregations often get used hard, pile up seven whacks and your off! Were your field service cargroups composed of the "Young and Old, Clean and Filthy", "Insane and overly educated (in their opinion), the poor who never donated one penny and often I had to pay for their kids "snacks and lunches" or were you exempt by hanging out with the "clean piousneers"?

    I do admitt, for some odd reason it felt good afterwards preaching door-to-door (when we actually did this), "business territory" or "magazine placements" by standing in front of a little market. This "good feeling" started to stop two years ago when I realized I was preaching a lie, and the Governing Body was not who they said there were.

    Some of the mighty members here(JWN), took mentally challenged, "elderly-witnesses that did bath frequently" and poor orphans into their cars, paid for the "snacks", lunches and used their time to help clean crazy witnesses homes. How did you feel after "Field Service", a euphoric high, a gentle feeling of good or mentally drained?

  • puffthedragon

    You were convinced that you were doing the right thing and felt good to put your time and effort into it. Natural to feel happy over it. For me, I was raised in the truth and had doubts growing up, but was pressured to ignore them. They were always there though, so pioneering was very tough for me, unless I was in service with people I really enjoyed being around. The actually door knocking was terrifing for me, though I was good at conversation at the time.

  • sd-7

    Only thing I ever got was hungry and tired after the recruitment work. I wanted to order some KFC, pop in a VHS tape with the day's Saturday morning cartoons, and fall asleep halfway through it.

    I was probably pretty scared the whole time and relieved when the day was done. Often we didn't see any actual people anyway, mostly just doors, so...I seriously doubted that I was doing anything more than my duty and figured my sins would probably counterbalance any hours I put in anyway. that I'm old enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons without having to tape them (can't figure out how to hook up the VCR to these new-fangled TVs anyhow), naturally there are no more good Saturday morning cartoons except on cable, which I of course, cannot afford. So glad I went out there and failed to save lives...


  • prologos

    its also like flaggelating monks, they do it to get the high from the natural painkiller the body produces only when enough nerves signal hurt.

    give until it hurts. peace.

  • puffthedragon

    sd-7 get netflix if you cant afford cable, lots of old cartoons and shows to catch up on life you missed and its like $8

  • designs

    Pre 1970s (before smoking was a DFing offense) we use to fire up a nice Cigar after Service

  • minimus


  • skiforever

    No, I usually tried to do as little as possible. Taking widely scattered RVs was typical so as to spend as much time driving as possible. I was relieved when noon on Saturday came.

  • Glander

    Every hour spent in Field Service went towards everlasting life.

    "s&h green stamps"

  • cobaltcupcake

    When I wasn't pioneering I'd always feel a huge sense of relief when we finished up.

    When I was pioneering I spent my days driving around a car full of elderly people who sniped at each other, complained about their aches and pains, told the same stories over and over, and generally drove me nuts. I'd go home and cry.

    Pioneering - A Misnomer at Best

    The Saturday Morning Grind

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