Dutchman launches life-sized replica of Noah's Ark

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "this should put the naysayers to bed with their taunts that it is impossible to build an ARK that actually floats like the one described in the bible."

    Haha, obviously trying to be funny. Johan's Ark is built atop a steel hull with a steel frame and American Cedar and Pine. The corrugated roofing isn't made out of wood, that's for sure. LOL. But those are inconvenient truths that that are hidden by not showing any of the actual materials and equipment used to throw this tourist trap together in 3 years.

    Check out his website. He's an opportunist cashing in on fundamentalists. In the website, it says:

    "Johan worked with a team of builders to recreate Noah’s Ark as faithfully as possible."

    That's as wacky as Watchtower. Noah has been rewritten as a steelworker now. Where's that in the Bible? LOL

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "what arrogance is it to assume that the Creator couldn't design a floating wooden box?"

    What arrogance is it to assume that the Creator ever had anything to do with the Big Book of Jewish Fables?

  • darthweef

    Even if it were possible to build a 400+ foot long wooden vessel that could float, withstand the motion and weight of all the animals of the world, and withstand the powerful ocean waves from a storm powerful enough to cover the entire Earth (it's not) .. that doesn't make the story of Noah any more believable than it was before.

    1. without god creating new animals after the flood (the bible says he didn't) you would have to accept the concept of Macro Evolution (neither accepted by science or religion) to get the number of species diversions up to the what we see today, a mere 4000 years from the flood.

    2. fish can not survive in a mixture of fresh and salt water (at least not that many) and therefore a worldwide flood would have wiped out 99.9% of all sea life on the planet, a fact that is easily debunked by going to your local aquarium.

    3. plants and trees can not survive submerged under water for 150+ days .. Seedlings that may have been able to survive would have been buried under almost 40 feet of sediment from the flood, and therefore would not have been able to receive proper oxygen and sunlight to germinate, and therefore our planet would have no plant life ( and certainly not a budding olive tree immediately following the flood that the dove could have brought back to Noah).

    4. bacterium, insects, and birds ( none of which were invited on the ark ) all would have been wiped out in the flood. Yet we seem them all around us. I killed a spider not more then 5 minutes ago.

    So yeah .. huge unsailable boat .. that's the least of my concerns regarding the accuracy of the flood of Noah.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    My bet is on the Architect of the universe.... that he could design a a wooden chest that can float in the sea.

    The "Architecting" is easy... lots of imagination and lines on paper.

    When you get to the ENGINEERING of the damn thing is when stuff gets FUBAR real quick...

    Do you make any distinction between the above terms?

  • darthweef

    One other thought .. If the all-powerful all-knowing creator of the universe has issues with the few hundred thousand people currently living on the planet, and the best solution he can come up with is a massively destructive global flood that wipes out all life (not just humans) on the planet .. then I would prefer not to believe in him. He's a bit aggro and kind of a drama queen.

  • Perry
    (420'×58')Tessarakonteresca. 200 BCEThe Greektrireme Tessarakonteres reportedly carried a crew of 400, was powered by 4000 oarsmen and transported 2850 soldiers, according to Athenaeus and Plutarch (Life of Demetrios). Historical evidence for this ship is limited to ancient references. [ 51 ] [ 52 ] [ 53 ]


    Noah's Arkunknown [ 54 ]Noah's Ark is described in accounts in Genesis and the Qur'an .

    Well, Noah's Ark isn't the only ancient 400'+ wooden ship in history. The chinese were making them in the 1400's and there is the Greek reference above from wikipedia, and many others.


    In the book Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study 4 , creationist researcher John Woodmorappe suggests that, at most, 16,000 animals were all that were needed to preserve the created kinds that God brought into the Ark.

    The Ark did not need to carry every kind of animal—nor did God command it. It carried only air-breathing, land-dwelling animals, creeping things, and winged animals such as birds. Aquatic life (fish, whales, etc.) and many amphibious creatures could have survived in sufficient numbers outside the Ark. This cuts down significantly the total number of animals that needed to be on board.

    Another factor which greatly reduces the space requirements is the fact that the tremendous variety in species we see today did not exist in the days of Noah. Only the parent “kinds” of these species were required to be on board in order to repopulate the earth. 5 For example, only two dogs were needed to give rise to all the dog species that exist today.

    Creationist estimates for the maximum number of animals that would have been necessary to come on board the Ark have ranged from a few thousand to 35,000, but they may be as few as two thousand if the biblical kind is approximately the same as the modern family classification.

    A little over half of the Ark would have been needed for the animals.

    As far as the salt vs. fresh water fish, here's an interesting commentary:

    But what about the fish and other marine creatures? Obviously, they weren't taken on board the Ark. How could they survive, particularly both fresh and salt water forms? As a matter of fact, most of them didn't survive. Over 95 percent of all fossils are marine creatures. They died, and are fossilized, by the trillions. Many are buried in great fossil graveyards, tightly packed together, choked with sediments, buried before they had time to decay. Obviously, they didn't live in the environment in which they died. But how could any have survived?

    In the complex of events and conditions that made up the Flood, certainly there were pockets of fresh and/or clean water at any one time. Remember, it was raining in torrents, and we can expect that the rain was fairly fresh water. Many studies have shown that waters of various temperatures, chemistries, and sediment loads do not tend to mix; they tend to remain segregated into zones. It would be unlikely for any one area to retain such zones for very long during the tumult of the Flood, but on a worldwide scale, some such segregated zones would have existed at any given time. Furthermore, we don't know the tolerance levels of pre-Flood fish for sediment, salt, and temperature. Modern fish have a great variety of responses to different environments. Perhaps before the Flood, fish were even more adaptable.

  • cofty

    Perry - there was no global flood. That's not an opinion or a hypothesis that might be proven wrong it is a fact.

    The earth is not flat - there was no flood. These two statements are equally true.

    Believe in god if you wish but there is no need to commit intellectual suicide in the process.

  • Perry

    Well, thousands of tree fossils all over the world penetrating many sedimentary layers that are supposed to have been laid down over millions of years certainly doesn't help the case of flood rejectionists.

  • cofty

    How much time and effort have you put in to finding out about these fossil trees Perry?

    Its pathetic how creationists jsut keep telling the same old stories to one another until nobody can remember who started it.

    Study some real science Perry I dare you.

    Here is a start if you are interested...

  • jam

    So the Ark had glass windows, I didn,t know that.LOL

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