BTW, just 9 days until the end of the world...

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  • Jeffro


    Filthy ******g humans!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL OF YOU!!!

    Or to put it another way, "so long, and thanks for all the bananas."

    I pledge* allegiance to our new harsh overlords in the wake of the monkey apocalypse.

    *Pledge will not be honoured.

  • Jeffro


    I've tried explaining it won't happen using history and logic but I don't know how much sinks in. He's 9 years old and has autism and tends to obsess about things.

    You could tell him that a Mayan baktun is a period of 144000 days, just like we call 100 years a century. Some people are scared because of stories about a baktun ending on December 21, 2012. But when the baktun ends, a new baktun begins - just like when a year ends and a new year begins. No more scary than turning a page on a calendar. Nothing special or scary. Just a new page on a calendar.

  • vivalavida

    In a couple of years, we can show the film 2012 to young kids and say: "I survived this".

  • WTWizard

    I can't wait for another Y2K-style disappointment for all those who sold out for December 21, 2012. At least with Y2K, you had scattered and isolated account disruptions, usually little more than making extra work for IT's who had to adjust their programs. You risked getting billed for 100 years' worth of late fees and interests, you risked having glitches wiping out your bank accounts (where the banks could use Y2K as their excuse and then not be able to retrieve information because they are scumbags). But not the widespread problems that many were expecting.

    With December 21, 2012, I am not even expecting that. Hopefully the real scumbags behind the problems we are facing will be exposed--all three of the major religions we are familiar with, the banks trying to enslave the world, Goldman Sack and JP Morgue, the Fed rendering the US Toilet Paper Dollar worthless, Monsanto, and similar scumbags who are ruining the world. Aside that, I am expecting nothing. No widespread blackouts, no major impacts of large planets or stars on the earth, no worldwide earthquakes, no polar shifts, no nothing. It will be about as disruptive for the earth as it would be if you were in a plane crossing the equator. Unless you know what to look for and where it is, you won't even know it.

    However, now might be a good time to review your emergency plans, particularly regarding an energy crisis. You could run into a storm blackout in February or March. We might do the stupid thing and help Israel, only to have Iran cut off the Strait of Hormuz or Saudi Arabia give us another energy crisis in return. We are in for hyperinflation, thanks to the Fed and Osama Obama (Scumney Romney wouldn't have been any better). We are in for cuts in work hours because of Osama ObamaCare, taxes to return to higher levels, a fake energy crisis from the EPA, and an infrastructure that is prone to failures from regular events (we are in a solar maximum until into 2013, after all). I have been planning for long-term rolling blackouts, and I have the ability to charge some 50 batteries in short order (such as for Sandy). You want to think beyond December 21, though, since the world isn't going to end and neither are your debts.

  • smmcroberts

    In the computer-programming field we often create tables with dates which serve more or less as calendars for our programs. Then we populate these tables with dates, something like the following:


    But we don't want to spend the rest of our lives populating such a table to infinity, so we take a reasonable guess as to how long the program will be used, and we populate the table up to that date. For example, one such table was populated up until 12/31/2020.

    Now for the point of all this: if some primitive, superstitious, ignorant culture were to find this calendar and conclude that 12/31/2020 must be the end of the world, we would have the same situation we see with those who think that because the Myan calendar was finite the world will end at the same abitrary date that they chose to stop populating their calendar.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Don't worry, help is on the way....

  • Satanus

    Well, it's the day after, and the birds are doing their usual sqwaking, sun is rising, earth seems solid enough... Looks like we made it. Should be good for another mayan epoch. 'Course, isaac newton came up w a date, 2046 or something. That should be good for another media spamming session in a few yrs.

    Mrs jones, how is you kid doing?


  • kurtbethel

    EOTW Fail!

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