If You Have Premium Cable Channels What Are Your Favorites?

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  • ShirleyW

    My building has a contract with Time Warner so although I already had HBO before they started the contract I get all the Showtime Channels for just a dollar.

    At the moment, although it's not a premium channel my fave is Magic Johnson's AspireTV, because he has reruns of one of my all time faves "I Spy".

    Also MeTV and Antenna for the old reruns as well, these new so called comedy shows on the networks are absolutely pathetic.

  • mercedes_29

    We've always had HBO. Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones are some of my favorite shows. I like Dexter, but I wouldn't watch anything else on Showtime so not worth the price.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I hope you keep plenty of lotion and Gold Bond powder on hand.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I adore classic movies , I'm willing to pay for TCM.

    I'm enjoying the Showtime series, Homeland and Dexter.

    But I would wait for them to arrive on Netflix.

  • Skbj

    @Cofty, I miss Ch4! But really with 120 quids of tv license per year nothing is free in England not even so called Free channels. I loathe TV license esp when money goes into the BBC pockets and therefore into paying salaries of child molestors

    My fave channels are as per posts above and some more.

    Fave shows: Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Dexter, Scandal, Homeland, House of Lies. Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Boardwalk Empire, S.O.A. New Girl, 2Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM.

    Also in my country I get the Japanese channel NHK that is pure awesomness!!

  • minimus

    Anybody see Homeland's last show on Sunday???

  • james_woods

    Speaking of Cable Channels, Fox is taking over the Speed Channel and using it to create an all-around sports channel to compete with ESPN.

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