HELP!!! Need Contacts in Portland-Gresham Oregon

by Juan Viejo2 24 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • sir82
    Why don't you let her rest in peace instead of using her death to stir up crap for your own agenda?

    Because there are very likely dozens if not hundreds of JWs with "secret" child porn addictions scattered across the country, counting on the JW code of silence to protect them.

    Or do you think the 10/1/2012 letter to all bodies of elders, which specifically mentioned viewing of child pornography as a disfellowshipping offense but made no mention of the fact that owning or distributing it is a felony, was just talking about "hypothetical" cases?

    If we can shine a spotlight on the issue, and demonstrate to the JW pervs that yes there are consequences to breaking the law, then maybe some additional murders can be prevented.

  • cedars

    Wow, if even Juan can be randomly attacked and have his motives brought into question, I guess any of us can.

    It certainly makes me feel easier about some of the confrontations I've had to deal with on this forum. Try to do the right thing, and they'll start gunning for ya.



  • cantleave

    Try to do the right thing, and they'll start gunning for ya.

    Afraid so Cedars, that's why so many do f*ck all!

  • shadow

    Your own words prove that you want to stir up crap and don't have any facts.

    You are adopting the same standards that you denounce the WT for using.

    Look through the comments and you'll see multiple uses of "likely" "maybe" "might" "would not be surprised"

    This case is about oneyoung woman whose life was callously cut short and one guilty individual. Those are the known facts.

    You are just fishing for something else. These people are mourning a wife, daughter, sister, friend.

    Have you no moral boundaries?

  • LostGeneration

    one guilty individual

    Says who? You? Ok guys, lets just shut it down, Shadow says so.

    Because elders never lie to protect their own...

  • Glander

    shadow, I don't believe that you are stupid, so why are you acting like you are?

  • Balaamsass

    Some trolls are WTBTS trolls. Been lurking on here for years. Attacks and "look at the birdie" tactics.

    Keep up the good work Juan, Cedars, Barbra, Dogpatch, JW facts and evryone else.

    The ass

  • ziddina

    Juan, you have a PM.

  • RayPublisher

    Do we have a new old troll on JWnet??

    And it was soooo quiet lately lol...

  • BlindersOff1

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