HELP!!! Need Contacts in Portland-Gresham Oregon

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  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2


    I normally would not ask this kind of a favor, but this really is important.

    I am working with Portland area investigators and journalists who are doing research on the Whitney Heichel /Jonathan Holt murder case and one other case involving other serious criminal activity. They are particularly interested in anyone who might have attended Kingdom Halls in or around Gresham and might know some of the members, former JWs, or other related contacts in that area.

    If you are from that area, or have connections there, please contact me via PM.

    If you are currently an Jehovah's Witness attending the Gresham Kingdom Hall and have possibly helpful information, please contact me. Your identity will be protected. Please understand the importance of this case. Do the right thing and come forward if you have anything that might be helpful. Your identity will be protected - guaranteed.

    As would be expected, JWs in that area have gone into hiding and for the most part have refused to talk to investigators and journalists.

    My guess is that there are a few on this board that either know people in that area who have left or faded that might be able to provide some additional background information to serious, professional journalists and investigators. I know a few members of this board who were from the Portland, OR area and were associated with Meetups there. I live in central Oregon myself, but was not a JW here and have only attended meetings here on a very irregular basis and never at the same Kingdom Hall twice. So I have no personal contacts myself in the Portland area.

    You will be dealing with me first, and then, if you have some information that might be helpful, I will put you in contact with the professionals. I will not reveal your identity, contact information, or other specific information - the choice to do that will be left to you if you so decide.

    If you know anything or anyone in or near the Gresham, Oregon Kingdom Hall(s), I urge you to please contact me. I will provide my personal email and phone number to you when you PM me. Your identity, location, and contact information will be kept completely confidential. If you have contacts in that area, please ask them to contact me. I will assure them the same level of confidentiality.

    I think there are enough members of this board who will vouch for me and my commitment for justice for victims of the Watchtower's mishandling and cover ups, especially involving criminal cases. You can read some of my investigative articles about my research and involvement in the Menlo Park Kingdom Hall takeover and the Candace Conti child abuse court cases at

    Those who know me well will confirm that I am absolutely dead serious and totally committed to whatever I become involved in. I just need some help from anyone that might have some information to share.

    If you are not from that area, but know someone who is a JW or former JW, please pass this information on to them and ask for their help on behalf of the victims of not just one, but possibly other, shall we say, "less than legal" acts.

    You may also contact me by using the website contact forms located on and

    I don't want to get over dramatic about this, but if you can help us in any way you may right a wrong and potentially protect someone else from harm.


  • cedars

    I can vouch for Juan's trustworthiness and personal integrity. If you approach him with information in confidence he won't reveal your identity to anyone, and he will treat any disclosure with the utmost discretion.


  • cantleave

    I can vouch for Cedars trustworthiness and personal integrity!

  • cedars

    lol cantleave, thanks - but nobody can truly vouch for that!!


  • Doubting Bro
  • life is to short
  • shadow

    A psycho happened to be a JW and tragically murdered this poor young woman.

    Why don't you let her rest in peace instead of using her death to stir up crap for your own agenda?

  • Glander

    It is a little more than "stirring up crap", shadow.

    It is very likely that the elders knew that the murderer was a loose cannon, possibly having dealt with some of his illegal sexual problems in the past.

    They are now circling the wagons. This post is an effort to expose the JW policy of concealing criminals.

    We were the victims of a cover up of an individual who the elders knew was a threat but did not warn us.

  • Balaamsass

    I can Vouch for Juan.

    It is an important issue. Elders & Circuit overseers in California have concealed Murders, Kidnappers and Childmolesters from congregation members and police in multiple cases with tragic results.

    I would not be surprized if that has happened again.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    shadow -

    I'm not sure why you would attack my efforts to help independent investigators get more information about this and other cases in the area.

    And, yes! I have an agenda. But I doubt it has anything to do with what you are accusing me of promoting. If you consider yourself an honest-hearted person who cares about the personal safety of Jehovah's Witnesses and their children, you should be offering your support - not trying to accuse me of ulterior motives.

    I simply want to connect investigators and journalists to anyone who might be able to provide some background and maybe some leads that have been missed on the Heichl / Holt case and another that involves the same area.

    During and after Ms. Heichl's funeral the JW elders, friends and family were all over the local newscasts. Their words were guarded, but always positive toward the Watchtower and the JW members of the local congregations. As sad as this case was, dozens of locals were willing to be interviewed on TV and by the press during the week or two after the case broke. But after the funeral, investigators and reporters have been thwarted in their attempts to get more background information. As expected, the JWs have returned to their usual policy of maintaining a "conspiracy of silence."

    That's my agenda. I just want to help the investigators find additional sources so that they can report on the broader story. I have other prominent ex-JWs working on this with me as well. Why? Because we feel it is absolutely imperative that the truth (not "The Truth(TM)") get out.

    I would urge any active JW of the Gresham OR Kingdom Hall to please make yourself known and come forward to offer your help in honor of the memory of Whitney Heichl.


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