I need your help friends. Which logical fallacy is being used here?

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    problemaddict: thank you.

    1) yes they had an earthly hope and Jesus, our example, served the emblems to them. why dont you? The disciples were not wrong in their earthly hope,* Jesus taught them later, miraculously that there would also be a heavenly calling along with the continuing earthly hope.-- Acts 1:6,7 also showed that they (the future "GB") would "--not understand TIME and appointed times"so, WHy do you not obey Christ and proudly think that you can understand time? ? and pontificate about it? disfellowship people that listen to Christ in this?

    2) yes , and Peter, being member of the non-existing "GB" he had to be publicly corrected by Paul, the itinerent contributor of spiritual food. Peter's personal attitude was not taught in the congregation. nobody was disfellowshipped for not following Peter's slow turnaround. following that pattern, In the same way members of the GB will, without fail, be corrected, publicly. ---- Because they are slow to see that the baggage they have inherited from R,R etal has been proven to be even worse than degenerate religious practises of Peters day.

    3) the saying went out from whom? the GB? anybody disfellowshipped for originating, or not accepting that saying?

    4) right! so where was the governing body, the zone overseer, the Branch, the DO, the CO to impose its rule? Elders directly answering to Christ! loss of eternal life for erring elders. a warning still in the inspired record for all of you to read. REv 3:4 " Nevertheless you have a few names in Sardis--- because they are worthy--", yes these were the congregations, but only a few worthy ones among them were approved by CHRIST. A few among the (great)Crowd. many of these individuals you will find here.

    note too, that this also happened in the Lords day. NOW! so read and apply again above: 4) right-----

    Read the history of Israel a history of INSTITUTIONALIZED apostacy. ( type-antitype) from the top down. Who were the those loyal to Jehovah? the prophets, read hebr.11, mostly what fits your definition of an apostate. everytime there is new light its a tacid admission of past apostacy. you too will wake up. easier if you come from the top down. peace to you!. *Jesus even sacrificed his right to everlasting life on EARTH, the second Adam. (provided this is al legit)

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