Did Ray Franz Go On The "Talk Show", "Radio Show", "Church Circuit" To Bash WTS?

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I notice in Ray's books he has a disdain for the more vocal dissidents of the Watchtower Organization.

    With this being said, did Ray Franz go on shows like Merv Griffen, Oprah and other "Talk Mediums" to attack the Watchtower Society? I remember as a kid my mother running up and turning off shows Apostates were to appear on, and I can't remember if Ray was one of the 'bashers'?

    Dogpatch "Randy" or "Terry" or "James Wood" who have more years than me, might know this answer. If Ray Franz was not on the "Talk Show Circuit", it lends more credibility to his books, as a "man who wanted change, not someone who wanted to bring the Watchtower down to it's knees". Thank you.

  • alanv

    Whether he did or did not go on the show makes no difference. His books are available for all to read and more importantly to check. Most of the time Ray simply showed his readers what the society had said in print, regarding dates, doctrine and policy. I have yet to find anyone who can show that he lied or tried to deceive anyone. As an ex gov body member he was in a perfect position to tell his readers what happened at their meetings, and how doctrine was decided.

  • blondie
  • wannabefree

    From the end of the Times' article ...

    The Witnesses report that they are still growing, thanks to nonstop recruiting. Still, that success may not go on for long. They have necessarily backed off the 1975 date, but the End must occur during the lifetime of people who still remember the earthly events of 1914. With the rapidly thinning ranks of such oldsters, the Witnesses confront an increasingly troublesome, self-imposed and absolute deadline.

    Turned out it was somwhat troublesome, but not for the majority or JW's ... nothing in Watch Tower World is absolute, they just keep on going ... and going ... and most minds keep on accepting the junk

  • mouthy

    No I dont ever know of Ray "bashing" JWS.He loved them all.

    I was on Many TV shows "Sally Jessie Rhapheal","THE SHIRLEY SHOW".Rogers TV"
    Not to BASH the Watchtower to warn folks against getting involved in the cult.
    Ray was the most humblest man I ever met.& at MY age(85) that is saying something.
    His wife Cynthia is just as sweet....Never heard them Bash anyone,,so becareful YOU dont
    imply a falsehood against a loving soul.


  • james_woods

    I never heard of Ray going onto any kind of mainstream media programming. His preferred media was the printed page.

    There were many false rumors popping up in the lat 70s, early 80s era of all this - one of the silliest was that Ed Dunlap had started his own religion on Colorado Springs...totally bogus.

    Ed moved to Oklahoma City and led a quiet life there until his death.

  • caliber

    True application of freedom requires the development of character and self-restraint

  • TheListener


    I have a question. When Ray first started to "wake up", how did Cynthia react? Was she a staunch witness for a time or a long time? I have always wondered if Ray knew what it was like to be the UBM.

  • mouthy

    I cant say I know the answer to this...I know they loved each other very much

    Cant think she would ever have disagreed with his thoughts.

    He told me it hurt very much to relize he was "backing" untruths.
    He also said it was very difficult to leave what we all considered

    was GODS truth,Only to find out it was men,who tried to lead the world to
    their way of thinking.That is why he felt he had to let his conscience guide him

    Thank God He did .

  • caliber

    I think he sought truth with the idea of " let the chips fall where they may, but never on someone else's head "

    Be gentle to all and stern with yourself ~~ Saint teresa

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