If you are fader, how do you handle assignments etc.

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The only thing I miss about not being an elder is the platform. I am good at it and am probably a bit addicted to hearing my own voice. I got a buzz out of having an audience in my hand.

    Now, the only time I do this is with Min School talks and some answers. I am very careful to not compromise my none-JW principles when doing this. I find an angle that is vaguely relevant, entertaining and slightly undermining. The dyed in the wool r & f nod sagely as they always do. Those that are aware can see what I am doing. It is a challenge though. I always get all sorts of pats on the back after the meeting, I always wonder how long it will be before I am rumbled.

    Does anyone else try to walk this line or am I alone?

  • stillin

    I'm in the same place. I say "YOU" may say that the GB is God's mouthpiece, Not "WE" may say...etc.

    I don't want to be a hypocrite...

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I used to be a MS with a lot of opportunities for different talks/parts at the meeting. I hated preparing for them but enjoyed giving them.

    I admit that I do miss the stage. I felt comfortable. But now, I ditch a lot of assignments because I find I can no longer speak about something I don't believe in or agree with.

    When I have an assignment, which is now often only a bible reading, I may do it. But generally I don't show up at the meeting that night.

    And frankly, I just don't care anymore.


  • Balaamsass

    Our daughter couldn't give her last student talk on WTBTS Chronology.

    I had to pass on some parts and change outlines on others. VERY HARD to keep a straight face and not dish out WTBTS crap and still serve.

  • wannaexit

    If its something I can't stomach, then I make up an excuse not to do it or swap with another sister.

  • Most Noble
    Most Noble

    Welcome to my world

    I conduct the TMS. I see it as an opportunity to help people become better speakers and build more confidence in public speaking which is a very good quality in so many areas of life, and that has been the motivation driving me. I try not to assign any talks to myself and I try to avoid getting any public talk outline.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I couldn't do that Most Noble, i couldn't dispense sewage. What happens for the oral review. Q, A, thankyou bruv. It takes me ages to steer the line between hypocracy and acceptability. I have developed a few tricks though.

  • Most Noble
    Most Noble

    Slidin Fast - The oral review part isn't a problem, I just read it out as it is written. If i leave the org. anytime soon or step down, some publsihers will go after me and somehow bring some cases to the fore to get me disfellowshipped and I wouldn't want that for family reasons. I am involved in many things and The elder mantle has been serving as a shield for me all along and I want to keep it that way.

    I dont worry about being an hypocrite, the watchtower itself is an hypocrite and even god himself, if at all he existed is a fraud, SO why should I feel guilty for anything.

  • EmptyInside

    The last time I was assigned a talk,I just handed the slip back and said I'm not able to do this.

    I haven't been assigned a talk since. And I'm hardly at the meetings,so they are less inclined to give me an assignment. I've been assigned a householder,which confuses the person giving the talk. Some call and ask if I could be their householder,and one didn't bother to call and must have got someone else. I could care less either way. I just want to be done with it all.

  • Bonnie_Clyde
    Our daughter couldn't give her last student talk on WTBTS Chronology.

    What chronology are they using now? All I can think of is the 2,520 years from 607 BC to 1914 CE.

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