Jehovah's Witnesses came round to my house

by Chariklo 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    If you do not wish to send a letter if the problem happens again after Christmas is forgotten, a sign saying something like:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses, please Do Not Call, or leave any Publications, please see : WWW. "

    That should help no end !

    Have the best Christmas yet Char !

  • Heaven

    I can't be DF'd, Heaven, because I wasn't baptised. I was going to be, but realised TTATT just in time and walked just a few days before I was due to be baptised

    If they don't know this then it may work. If they do, well, pagan garb at the door might.

  • blondie

    Never baptized but people who associated with jws by going to meetings, having a personal study, (or were an unbaptized publisher...then removed), can be unofficially shunned by jws and I have seen it. Ignorant non-jws are somewhat different but can still be shunned socially if they are "bad association."

  • Chariklo

    No problem, Blondie, but this time I am shunning them.

    Formal letters, plus copies, are in the post. If they call on me again, it's harassment, and I go to the Police.

    One thing, though, I was an unbaptised publisher and still one when I walked. I wasn't removed. They liked me as a publisher, because I was good at it. (Just think, I was the front end of a brainwashing machine...I am ashamed of myself!) They didn't like the fact that I had brains and an education, though, and during their bully session they revealed to my suddenly reawakening brain that the WT is a complete fraud and absolutely, totally, nothing to do with God.

  • Chariklo


    This afternoon my JW window cleaner came round to clean the windows. He is a keen young guy, surely can't be more than 22-ish.

    totally committed, mum a pioneer, Dad a ministerial servant, and he too is a ministerial servant, very bright, university material for sure, could have had a promising future in something. His brother, by the way, is disfellowshipped, and never spoken of. But this guy...future elder, maybe future youngest ever elder!

    So, picture it, he came to the door, announced his presence, set to with the washing...and there he was, face to face, on the other side of the glass, with the prettiest tree and most gorgeous star on top, glowing with ever-changing pretty colours.

    I did enjoy it!

  • Jim_TX

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You're bad! I love it!

    Did you offer him any candy canes or other 'christmas candy'?

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