Jehovah's Witnesses came round to my house

by Chariklo 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    Hi Chariklo, you did well !

    My response to the "it's the truth" crap will be in future "Does Truth change ?" , then I will point out if I get the chance, that what I taught as truth from the late fifties to the late noughties changed in a major way at least once a decade, if not more, how can they be sure what they say is "Truth" now will not change again ?

    The religion I grew up in teaches nothing today as it did then. (Some doctrines have only been modified rather than dropped, but that statement still stands)

    For you, if they call again , I would follow up with another letter and say the only contact you will consider is by letter, anything else, even a publication through the door, you will consider harassment and will take legal action. ( You don't have to agree to a letter, but I had fun with one Elder for a few exchanges, till I hit him with the prove the 1919 choosing by Jesus thing, and strangely , three years later, I am waiting for his reply !)

    The letter to the COBOE/BOE worked for me. I got a nice letter back saying if I ever needed any help, or just to talk, call the Bro, he even added his cell phone number as well as his landline.

    No one has called since, I have seen them knock all around me, even on what I know is a DNC opposite, but not on me.

  • Chariklo

    I' ve been out. I've bought the snowiest, showiest, glitziest Christmas wreath I could find!

    Tomorrow one of my sons is coming round and together we will light up my house like nothing on earth! If I wasn't in the very windy coastal spot that I am I'd have Rudolf on top of the roof! But, gust me, there will be a big tree. And lights in bright abundance!

    Also, I have decided to be pro-active and put a stop to what is indeed harassment. It has to stop!

    notjustyet, I like the antibiotic analogy!

    Ruderedhead, they are definitely going to get a rather powerful letter, with copies sent elsewhere.

    Jim_TX, I'd love it if I could admit to being a fox, but I think my nine grandchildren might have something to say about that! ;)

  • Jim_TX

    Yea!!!!!! The Griswald's live on!!!!! They will be able to see your house from space! (Oh, wait. Now I'm mixing my Christmas movies... oh well!)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Chariklo

    Him, so long as they see it as they walk past! Then they can tut tut as much as they like, but I don't care! They have no hold on me.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Well done you!

    I sent a letter to the KH, informing them that if they continued to harrass my family and I, I would inform the police. I also noted that I was aware they would come back after a year (in case I changed my mind, or moved etc..)...and pre-empted any such contact by saying I would never change my mind, or move. I told them if they continued to bother me, I would inform the police about their tresspass, and have a sticker in my window saying the same.

    I have had one call.......and he was a JW who happened to be delivering me a Xmas present Id ordered hahahaha. So, it wasnt a purposeful visit. They havent bothered me a jot!

    Enjoy Xmas, your plans sound fabulous!

    Paula x

  • Chariklo

    Lights are up, decorations and tree are up...and JW's are everywhere in and around my street, despite really freezing weather!

    It is a JW swarm! Must be a CO's vist or something, I think, as was suggested! But even so, an impressive turnout.

  • Heaven

    On the other hand, I had requested no more contact. Do I need to send a supplementary letter?

    Simply tell them you are DF'ed. They probably won't come back.

  • Chariklo

    I can't be DF'd, Heaven, because I wasn't baptised. I was going to be, but realised TTATT just in time and walked just a few days before I was due to be baptised

  • Lozhasleft

    Well done on the Christmas decs Char. That should speak louder that's the words they're refusing to hear!

    Loz x

  • Jim_TX

    Do you have your 6-foot Santa Claus on the lawn bellowing "Ho Ho Ho" as they pass by?

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