RIP Sir Patrick Moore

by Chariklo 18 Replies latest social current

  • ohiocowboy

    Perhaps Carl Sagan and Mr. Moore are looking down on us right now, having a good laugh over a cold mug of Cosmos Beer!!!


  • dmouse

    Welcome DuckBharma :-) Don't worry, as long as you don't take things too seriously you are perfectly safe to post on this site :-)

    I remember seeing Patrick at a concert once - he was a keen xylophone player!

    My lifelong interest in astronomy was inspired by this man - rest in peace.

  • cofty

    Hi DuckBharma - welcome, make yourself at home.

  • cantleave

    WELCOME!!! DuckBharma....

  • Chariklo

    Welcome, DuckBharma!

    Normally, newcomers get their very own welcome thread, but there's nowhere more fitting than this one. Sir Patrick was famously a most generous man, and i'm sure he'd be delighted to offer you space on his thread!

  • vangogh

    when i was in my early teens I bought 'The Observers Book of Astronomy' written by Sir Patrick, I still cherish that book, was the start of a life long interest in astronomy. Thank You Sir Patrick! You have introduced so many to Astronomy and helped opened our minds to the universe. The universe is yours now .God Bless.

  • Xanthippe

    vangogh, I have that book too, it belonged to my husband. We both loved astronomy.

  • AnnOMaly

    I have the 1973 edition. Sad loss to the world of astronomy.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    He was incredible during the Apollo mission to the moon in the late 60's. He was so excited, animated and made astronomy easily understood, he thrilled us with his boyish enthusiasm. The joke was that the reason NASA cancelled the Apollo program was because Sir Patrick had a heart rate on 100 on the last Apollo 17 mission!! RIP Patrick, you will be missed.

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