RIP Sir Patrick Moore

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  • Chariklo

    Very, very sad to learn of the death of Sir Patrick Moore.

    I've been following his programme The Sky At Night ever since the first one. He started my lifelong interest in astronomy, and is partly responsible for my sons' careers.

    Wonderful enthusiasm!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The longest running programme with the same presenter ever.

    He was responsible for more people's interest in astronomy than anyone. He will be sadly missed and difficult to replace.


  • Chariklo

    One of the many nice things about him is that he not only kept The Sky At Night going, but he ensured that the programme would go on. The new presenter is already successfully in situ, one of the many great new British astronomers inspired by this great man.

  • cofty

    A great man. I've been watching his programs since I was a lad.

    Perhaps the last of a generation when an enthusiastic amateur could still make a difference.

  • cantleave

    Inspirational man of many talents.


  • Xanthippe

    I loved the Sky at Night. He will be remembered with fondness every time I look at those beautiful stars. Way to go Patrick - you had a good time

  • lost1

    He was a neighbour of a family friend in Selsey, little ecentric but a very witty and intelligent man. Never married and only found out today his fiancee was killed in WWII and he said he would never settle for second best. Lets hope they are together now. RIP Patrick.

  • shamus100

    How sad!

  • Chariklo

    He said only this year that his feelings for his fiancée were just as strong and just as fresh as in 1940.

  • DuckBharma

    Well, this seems like a safe place to make my first ever post.

    Just agreeing with everyone here when I say that this is such sad news, a good man who inspired many. He will be missed.

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