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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I once loved the sound of your voice, but
    your words have become meaningless

    As you venture into a world that leaves me,
    your companion, at such a loss what to

    Think, to do, if ever again I should link my
    heart and soul and body to one like you.

    Your honey words no longer melt in my ears
    though, surely, they become fainter as you

    Move toward a land that means a life and
    hope beyond what we could ever give you.

    Go then, seek your new world and its god,
    whose love eclipses our paltry offerings.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    It is silky, rich and bittersweet; having depth and overtones of a life… well, lived.

    I love the sound of his voice.

    A masculine presence that either sends a shivery chill up my spine, or rips at the heartstrings of the most tender places of my own pained soul.

    I have opened the door, though he does not wish to enter.

    My mind and weakened body is fraught over his volley of many words.

    ~Words hold promise. Actions prove true.~

    Love contains and endures illusions, both mystifying and revealing in its duality; fiercely powerful and conversely, gently subtle.

    An open book doesn’t always disclose much that lies within its multitude of pages…

    Only a small glimpse... in several... tempting... paragraphs.


    Good Morning, CoCo! You have been busy. Your beautiful words gave life to mine.

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