Believers and dinosaurs

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  • cofty

    Chariklo just to be clear humans and dinosaurs were separated by millions of years.

  • ziddina

    Also to be clear; the original meaning of the word "draco" was "snake" or "serpent" - from which the term "dragon" comes.

  • designs

    I've told the story before about giving a talk on Creation at a college back in the late 60s. I gave the Fred Franz version (42,000 years, 6 creative days of 7000 years) I got laughed off the stage lol It still cracks me up.

  • tornapart

    Terry.. if that's what a lot of 'creationists' believe then it's no wonder they are laughed at!

  • cofty

    Cladistically speaking dinosaurs still exist - we now call them birds. Their ancestors looked something like this...

  • Honeybucket

    they missed the boat

  • Londo111

    I think dinosaurs living over 65 million years ago don’t post a problem with most Christians, just the fundamentalists, who are the loudest. Nobody can hear the milder voices speaking.

  • transhuman68

    Believers and dinosaurs... don't mix.

  • rebel8

    It's obvious that the account of creation is not to be taken literally but merely to give us an 'idea' of how it came about.

    Yes, that is one possible explanation for such a blatant error. Another, simpler explanation is...the entire account is incorrect.

    What we do know about humans is we have natural curiosity and an urge to explain the unexplained. If we don't stop ourselves, we fill in the blanks instead of using logical forms of inquiry.

    Chinese villagers ate dinosaur 'dragon bones'

  • AnnOMaly

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