Believers and dinosaurs

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    Chariklo Thanks for the picture of that gladiator. It's the only thing that has interested me all evening.

  • notjustyet

    It was said in an earlier post:

    " The bibles account of creation is very simple and some things don't even add up. Ie. how could plants be created before sunlight or insects? It's obvious that the account of creation is not to be taken literally but merely to give us an 'idea' of how it came about."

    But what would be the need to get these atatements out of order? Why would god not relay this info to Moses in the correct sequence? What is the benefit for doing this as it would only lead people that would read it centuries later to doubt a creator existed when relaying it in the correct sequence would help people believe in a creator.


  • Chariklo

    "Chariklo just to be clear humans and dinosaurs were separated by millions of years."

    Dear Cofty, what it is to have a literal mind!

    Do you never relish old myths and legends? I love them, and all things scientific too. What a dull world it would be if everyone were to lose their imagination...and their sense of humour!

    Many will enjoy every modern tale of a dinosaur lookalike or last surviving relic, while still knowing all the facts. Me too!

    Glad, yes, it's a great picture, isn't it?! Did you notice the spikes all over the suit of armour? They're an integral part of the tale. The poor old Worm didn't stand a chance!

  • Chariklo

    Specially for Gladiator, present! :) (see above) 'fraid you can't have a dragon with it every time!

    Apologies to the OP. I know it's off topic, but I couldn't resist it! :)

  • designs

    I'm sure some 20' creatures like crocs, komodo dragons, and pythons set minds swirling. A diver friend has a great pic on his Facebook page next to a monster sea creature some 30' in size, he looks like a peanut next to it.

  • mP

    Rehab and Leviathan(sp) the sea monsters Jehovah fights in books like Psalms are really gods way of telling us about dinos. DIdnt you know the BIble tells all. Its even got tips on safe driving, television watching habits and more.

  • GLTirebiter

    Non-literal interpretation of Genesis goes back to the earliest years of Christianity, long before knowledge of dinosaurs or evolution.

    In all the sacred books, we should consider the eternal truths that are taught, the facts that are narrated, the future events that are predicted, and the precepts or counsels that are given. In the case of a narrative of events, the question arises as to whether everything must be taken according to the figurative sense only, or whether it must be expounded and defended also as a faithful record of what happened. No Christian will dare say that the narrative must not be taken in a figurative sense. For St. Paul says: “Now all these things that happened to them were symbolic." --Augustine of Hippo, The Literal Meaning of Genesis[highlight added]

  • ziddina
    "I'm sure some 20' creatures like crocs, komodo dragons, and pythons set minds swirling..." Designs, page #2


    But crocodiles have a habitat range that totally excludes the land of Israel.

    nile crocodile range

    And komodo dragons are only found on certain Indonesian islands...

    komodo dragons locations

    And pythons aren't found in the area of Israel, either...


    Genus [ 2 ]Taxon author [ 2 ]Species [ 2 ]Subsp.* [ 2 ]Common nameGeographic range [ 1 ]
    AntaresiaWells & Wellington, 198440 Australia in arid and tropical regions
    ApodoraKluge, 199310Papuan pythonMost of New Guinea, from Misool to Fergusson Island
    AspiditesPeters, 187720 Australia except in the south of the country
    BothrochilusFitzinger, 184310Bismark ringed pythonThe islands of the Bismark Archipelago, including Umboi, New Britain, Gasmata (off the southern coast), Duke of York and nearby Mioko, New Ireland and nearby Tatau (off the east coast), the New Hanover Islands and Nissan Island
    LeiopythonHubrecht, 187910D'Albert's water pythonMost of New Guinea (below 1200 m), including the islands of Salawati and Biak, Normanby, Mussau, as well as a few islands in the Torres Strait
    LiasisGray, 184232 Indonesia in the Lesser Sunda Islands, east through New Guinea and in northern and western Australia
    MoreliaGray, 184275 From Indonesia in the Maluku Islands, east through New Guinea, including the Bismark Archipelago and in Australia
    Python TDaudin, 180374PythonsAfrica in the tropics south of the Sahara (not including southern and extreme southwestern Madagascar), Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the Nicobar Islands, Burma, Indochina, southern China, Hong Kong, Hainan, the Malayan region of Indonesia and the Philippines

    It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the Israelites knew ANYTHING about those animals.

  • Terry

    Most sane people, if they were drowning, would prefer you throw then a lifesaver rather than a bible.

    If they have a bad heart they go to their doctor who learned medicine in college. Technology came from science and not the bible.

    They don't go to their Kingdom Hall have the brothers lay hands on his chest and pray for Jehovah to fix his bad valve.

    Since belief that dinosaurs existed is not really "belief" in the usual sense of "faith" it consists of merely not being deaf, dumb and blind about

    the evidence.

    The awful snag comes from the fact the bible just doesn't concern itself with scientific facts.

    It is a bootstrap book of imagined history mixed in with tales told often through the ages.

    What better way to acknowledge how impractical that book is than to trust it as a guide through life that compels an otherwise educated person

    to insist we live on a Young Earth?

    It should make any JW squirm in their seat to hold a straight face and and parrot the words that make them fit that square peg in this world's round hole.

  • PSacramento

    There are some freaky creatures out there, like this "sea serpent" oar fish:

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