Have You Ever Seen Or Met Anyone Famous?

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  • d

    I saw Dan Rather once gave a speech back in Oct of this year but unfortunately I did not get his autograph.

  • ShirleyW

    "George Benson after one of his concert's he met with Jdubs in the front of the theatre we proved we were Jdubs with our blood cards that was many years ago"

    Who the "F" does Bro. Benson think he is, requesting that only Dubs meet with him in the front, almost similar to kissing the Pope's ring. Hasn't Bro. Benson heard the scripture about serving two Gods? What a dick !!

    BTW just wondering how many hours he got in while he was touring all over the world.

  • minimus

    Shirley, you got spunk, girl!

  • talesin

    I've seen more, but only met a few ..

    Canadian ... Valdy, Carole Pope, Rick Mercer, Kim Mitchell, Myles Goodwin, Rich Little.

    Americans would be Kelsey Grammer & Taylor Hackford (worked with on movies) and Dwight 'what a sleaze-bag' Yoakum (No, I don't want to 'come back to your hotel room for a drink').


  • Kenneson

    I went to Plains, Ga. Baptist Church, one time, when Jimmy Carter was teaching Sunday School. Afterward, had a picture of me taken with him and his wife Rosalyn. On other occasions, at F.S.U., I went to lectures given by poet Angela Mayou and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

  • wokeup

    In 1977 I took care of an old guy who broke his leg in San Jose in a car accident. He told me his son 'walked on the moon' over and over. I thought he was a bit delirious. He wasn't. His son came to see him and yep, sure enough I met the Apollo 15 astronaut. James Irwin.

  • blondie

    Scott Hamilton

    Roslyn Sumner

    Traci Wilson and Rob McCall

    LeeAnn Miller and Bill Fauver

    Tony Bennett (twice)

    Santa Claus

    Mickey Mouse

    Minnie Mouse

    Daffy Duck

    Donald Duck


  • 144001

    Many. And who cares?

  • wokeup

    I went to San Jose City College and the was this guy named Bruce who would run alot at the track. I was surprised to see him in the '76 Olympics, the dude won the Decathlon. Come to find out his apartment was around the corner from mine overlooking the track.

  • jookbeard

    just missed Anna Kournikova

    Donatella Versace

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