Have You Ever Seen Or Met Anyone Famous?

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  • leavingwt

    While living in NYC I would regularly see celebrities.

    Bruce Willis

    Harrison Ford

    John Goodman

    Jerry Orbach

    David Alan Grier

  • minimus

    Blondie, what a list!

    Leaving, I wished I lived in NYC!

  • Glander

    The tops for me were:


    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Rosalind Russell and Ross Martin. On a movie location, chatting 5 feet from me. The director called the shot was ready for them. The scene was of Russell and Fairbanks having a little pictnic at the beach. Russell had arthritis so bad she needed two crewmen to help her up and down off the blanket . Took two takes and that was it. They didn't seem to recognize me.

    Gregory Peck at a sneak preview of a movie he produced.

    Robert Mitchum in a local hardware store in Santa Barbara.

    Willian Shatner on a location at the Santa Barbara Courthouse . I was in a nearby phone booth and turned around and he was grinning at me waiting for the phone. He didn't ask for my autograph.

    Vic Morrow on a location shoot at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Different film.

    Burl Ives on a location shoot near the SB Couthouse. Different film.

    Robert & Ethel Kennedy one block from the Santa Barbara couthouse. He was assassinated a few days later in LA.

    Ronald Reagan, twice. Once on a movie location in the San Fernando valley and years later when he was running for governor.


    Had my pic taken with:

    World Heavyweight Champion Mike Weaver.

    SF 49'er kicker, Ray Wershing.

    lots of others, but those were highlights.

  • minimus


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I met Mr. Deity, Brian Keith Dalton, a few months ago at the Freethought Fair in Sacramento.


    He even posed for a picture with my dog.

    I call it "God meets Dog".


  • minimus

    should he count??

  • Malsonilla

    1972- Charlie Pride, Sonny James and Ronnie McDowell. It was a Charlie Pride concert at the SD Sports Arena with Sonny James opening. Ronnie McDowell was a young man in the NAVY who sat next to me during the concert. He would later go on to become a Country arist and THE voice of Elvis Presley in just about every biographical movie or TV show about Elvis (Elvis The Move starrring Kurt Russel for example).

    1974- One of the cast of the original Little Rascals, some blond woman named Jackie something.

    1983- Michael, Latoya, and Janet Jackson at the 1983 District Convention of Jehover's Witnesses at Dodger's Stadium.

    1991- Lorenzo Lamas

    1992- Bill Clinton (I think he was like the president of something for a few years).

    1992- John Stamos

    1993- Buena Vista, Georgia, Ronnie McDowell in person (live show).

    1997- Dated Ryan Brown for three months (Flipping Out and Spouse Vs Spouse)

    1999- Austin Pendleton (My Cousin Vinney, What's Up Doc)

    1999- James Waterston (Son of Sam)

  • ldrnomo

    George Benson after one of his concert's he met with Jdubs in the front of the theatre we proved we were Jdubs with our blood cards that was many years ago

    Danny Adair, the drummer from Nickleback I met him at a bar in Vegas and we went to a dueling piano bar together.

    Vicci Martinez one of the finalists on the Voice TV show she came from a witness family and Iv'e know her for many years.

  • 00DAD

    No, but several famous people have met me.

  • minimus

    As a kid, I met Major Mudd and Beaver Cleaver.

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