WT Study Article for 12/9/2012

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  • WTWizard

    So a hounder can make a mistake that will ruin your life, you see it well ahead but you still have to abide by it regardless. If this can be forgiven for the hounder, then why not my going into the Kingdumb Hell with a pallet of Ouija boards, black candles, and ritual tools and do a ritual to Father Satan while the hounder-hounder and 200 publishers are present?

  • punkofnice

    Because of what they perceive as defects in the elders, some who engage in serious wrongdoing in the congregation have refused to appear before a committee of elders assigned to help them.

    Some = weasel word.

    This is just a made up scenario designed to keep the R&F in shock and awe.

    Actually, we might better put it thus = Because many have woken up, some who engage in stuff the WBT$ doesn't like and is afraid of have refused to appear before a kangaroo court committee of elders assigned to beat them into mindless submission to a disgusting cult.

  • stillin

    I suspect everybody else of being the troublemakers that the article is meant for. Such a divisive article; at a time when people need to pull together more than ever, they have the congregations divided up into clergy and commoners.


    Watchtower study sucked.. Everyone thought it was awesome... The Elder's liscense to do what they want with no accountability just got renewed. Combine articles like this with the crazy CA and it is clear that they are desperate to control the sheep. What are they needs of the Org if an article like this is written? With Candice Conti, Menlo Park, Victoria Australia, UN scandal, Branches closing, Crazy barista killer JW and who knows how many other lawsuits in the works the GB are on the defensive.

    They want to get the sheeples in a perpetual state of readiness for persecution. The GB have no idea what is going to happen. Are they gonna get away with stuff? Are they going to get caught? How do they spin it? Everything they write is for a reason. The WT article is to reinforce the mind-frack and keep the sheeples submissive no matter what " perceived " atrocities are committed by the Elders. I think the perpetual state of readiness for the big A and persecution is one of the reasons that dubs mentally check out and physically burn out.

    A human being can only remain in a hyped up state of stress for so long before it starts to take its toll. Alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, cheating spouses, going inactive, developing chronic illness, depression.. all this things are at least exacerbated by the treadmill that JW's are forced to exist on. Even though my life is not what I really want yet, I have vastly improved mentally and emotionally since learning TTATT.

    During the WT study I just listened to the craziness. The Elders loved this one! I just kept thinking of all the lies that have been told. I repeat them in my head like a mantra to keep from going insane. It may be too late..

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