Pronouncing it RIGHT

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  • Satanus

    In our out in the bush cong, one bro pronounced melchizedek as mell-chez-i-dyke.


  • exwhyzee

    Regularly mispronounced words or phrases at the Hall I used to attend were....

    Jehovah- became - Geee hove R

    Zerubbabel- became- Zerra bubble

    Extra Magazines - became - Extree Magazines

    This is true, is it not, Brothers ?- became- This is true, isn't it not Brothers?

    Regardless- became-Irregardless

    Baptisim- became- Bab tisim

    Self satisfacation - became- Self Saddis-fa-cay-shun

    False Gods- became- Faults Gods

  • betterdaze

    If you want to hear the Divine Name pronounced correctly, visit any congregation on Long Island, NY

    Which is properly pronounced, LAWN-GUY LIND.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    Let me give you a tip. Your title has a grammatical problem. If you're going to be picky, you need to consider things like this.

    Glad it's not just me who noticed that, lol.

  • NewChapter

    What rules do you follow when pronouncing foreign names/places/things? I was remembering that when we were studying the Daniel book for the book study back in the day, someone released a pronunciation guide. I remember studying it closely so I could pronounce all the names right (especially on the section of Daniel 11).

    I remember that guide. I studied it too. But really, when everyone around me used more typical pronunciation, it felt snotty to pronounce it differently, even if my sheet said so. What I remember from it was Darius.

    The sheet said: Dar I us.

    Everyone else said Dar eus

    (or that's how I remember it)

    Then there was Phil I stine but everyone said Phil istine. I've heard it both ways (this wasn't on the Daniel sheet)

    In the end, translating from an ancient language to English probably means that anything goes. Even today, when watching international news, different programs pick up different spellings and pronunciations.

    I mispronounce words here and there for a couple of reasons. First, I read a lot, and my visual vocabulary is much bigger than the vocabulary I speak with. One of those unfamiliar words can come tripping out suddenly, with little thought. Another reason is I tend to think very quickly at times, and sometimes a word I know well will just come out wrong. I know it immediately, but there is ALWAYS someone who helpfully wants to correct me. Irritates the crap out of me.

  • Ucantnome

    One brother read Puberty as PUBity another one reading the bible read about Jesus and the leper and pronounced it leaper

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    We once had a memorable talk on whether the bible was factual or fictual.

    My guess is that the brother might have graduated from middle school.

  • sir82

    People, people, people - Jehovah provides!

    Don't you know if you listen to the readings on, you will hear every word, every syllable, yea, every jot and tittle of a pixel in a letter, pronounced correctly?

  • cobaltcupcake

    There was a Ministry School Overseer in my hall who spent 10 minutes counseling someone about their "pro-noun-ciation." I had to get up and leave or I was going to shriek with laughter.

  • tornapart

    One thing that grates on me is everyone pronouncing names the American way and not the English way. If I was in America then fine but pleeeease... not in the UK!

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