"There will be earthquakes..." Show this site to JW's and watch their faces

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  • Terry
  • jwfacts

    I have argued with JW's over the data on those sites. It is amazing seeing how a person can use something that clearly undermines their beliefs to support what they want to believe.

    The USGS site states that earthquakes have not increased and have been constant over thousands of years, yet I have had JW datamine a small sample set to show an increase in small window of time since 2000 to prove the world is about to end.

  • blondie


    The Watchtower Society Backpedals on Earthquakes
    or How Magicians Write Essays

    Alan Feuerbacher

    Along with many other features of what it calls "the composite sign of Christ's presence since 1914," the Watchtower Society has long claimed that earthquakes have been far more frequent and severe in the 20th century than previously, and have caused far more deaths and damage. The December 1, 1993 Watchtower virtually abandons these claims, but does so in a manner calculated not to let on to the average Jehovah's Witness that the earlier claims have indeed been abandoned. We will here examine the earlier claims and see how the Society neatly reduces them to almost no significance without letting on that it has done it. The Watchtower article is a fine example from the Society's arsenal of intellectual magic tricks and illustrates how to divert the reader's attention from the main issue...

  • Finkelstein

    Actually most geological seismologists say that the earth was much more active in regard to earthquakes and volcanoes in

    its historical past. The reason there is such apparently great mountain ranges such as the Rockies, Himalayas ... etc.

  • andys

    I have an earthquake app on my cell phone, very nice app

  • steve2

    Like Carole King, I personally can testify that earthquakes increase in frequency when I am in the presence of a stunning looking specimen of a man. Unfortunately, advancing age and a slower physiological response means that my experience of severe earthquakes has declined exponentionally in recent years, graphs or no graphs. Very sad. However, every now and then, wham! I'm totally caught by surprise when I lay my eyes upon a vision of manly beauty...and in that dreadfully delicious moment of resurgent desire, I also realise that my ability to fulfill it is very very low - and I can then sometimes wish for the end of the world.

    Earthquakes and end times thinking are still closely connected in my book.

  • Chariklo
    I have argued with JW's over the data on those sites. It is amazing seeing how a person can use something that clearly undermines their beliefs to support what they want to believe.

    JW's are experts at manipulating data and statistics to prove their point, but it doesn't mean that this is what the data says.

    They've been practising for years, on the Bible!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Since the Christchurch earthquakes there have been plenty of geologists on TV and in newspapers explaining how the tectonic plates associated with New Zealand work. Any JW that missed the 1993 abandonment of the WT position on earthquakes can be reminded that without earthquakes pushing up the alps, New Zealand will slowly erode into the sea and the kiwis and tuataras that Noah dropped off here will have to find somewhere else to live.

  • carla


    I know I tried to show my jw the facts but they don't like to be confused by facts. Shut down, change the subject and secretely be gleeful when they see the mayhem produced by earthquakes or other natural disasters. I may be harsh with the gleeful comment but that is what it seems like sometimes.

  • Ding

    If the WTS says earthquakes are increasing, then for JWs earthquakes are increasing.

    The truth is whatever the GB says it is...

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