My DEATH as an Intellectual

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  • dyakoub

    Terry, I'm very sorry to hear that. I can't say that my intellectuality had ever been disrupted y anyone else than myself. Though

    I was pressured to persue an easier carrer than I wanted. I was pressured by the organization, my woman and circumstances to

    instead of spend eight extra years in Shcool pursueing my Phd to settle for Public School teacher. I almost finished that career then

    towards the end I said "F*** it"! I am now in a MA program and will apply to a Phd program soon. I am pretty sure I'll get in. But, to

    go back I was always the one to hinder myself, though the culture of witnesses never made it easy for me; the constant nagging of

    not pursuing riches (though I never once considered riches) was almost unbearable. I experiecenced everything you mentioned the, I

    excelled in talks, recieved praise for espousing garbage and more often than not worked my ass off for refusing to ever use any outlines

    and justify, and twist words and ideas so as not feel guilty of speaking lies and not to arouse too much suspicion.

    It doesn't matter, however, Thanks to God I am out and I will use my "Talents" to be productive.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Dyakoub, my bro. How have you been? Send a pm if you want.

  • Apognophos

    There was no ambition in my family at all that I could detect.

    That just means your family was spiritually strong! Why have ambition when this whole world will be done away with soon? I've certainly seen the same thing in my family. No one thinks more than a month ahead and it's slowly catching up with them as they get older. I'm thinking I need to go back to college and get a better degree -- and take my school work seriously this time.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    And the organisation still laughs. Out of 8 million dubbies, this thread has received less than 1,000 hits. You're still intellectually dead wasting your time and talents on this forum. Start your own website.

  • Terry

    Out of 8 million dubbies, this thread has received less than 1,000 hits. You're still intellectually dead wasting your time and talents on this forum. Start your own website.

    I'm convinced we waste our time trying to persuade JW's to leave the organization. Our efforts will fail but the Society's own efforts will eventually succeed in driving all the sane people out....and I'm serious!

    Pretending that Jehovah whispers Truth in their ears that always seems to need "adjusting" is the first slip up.

    The snooping in other people's private lives is the second red flag.

    The utter unconcern when the brothers and sisters need personal help is the last straw.

    What I write is for the folks who are either already out or are on their way with only one toe still inside their local Kingdom Hall.

    We each say what we can and the right person will see it and it will do the trick.

    You never know when some small thing you've said will start an avalanche of open-minded skepticism and the curtain draws back.

    You just never know.

    The GB prints a ton of magazines. Millions, infact. Few people get anything much out of those rags.

    Conversion doesn't occur at the doorstep. It is personal contact with people in everyday life that commences the process.

  • Apognophos

    That's right! For me, a surprising change in my life took place just by looking up a word someone used online -- Jesusism. It wasn't used in reference to arguing against the Witnesses, or even as part of an argument at all, it was just the word by itself. You never know what will get someone thinking.

  • Terry

    There really is a tension spring that pressures an intelligent person under a wrong understanding to get out from under that constant nagging discomfort.

    Like a moustrap it is ready to snap down on the back of their neck and capture them in the LIE at the center of their wrong belief.

    All it takes is a wee small nibble.

    I use to have lunch once a week with an active Jehovah's Witness who had been my best friend when we were kids.

    He knew I was DF'd, but, we kept meeting anyway.

    It amazed me that over a period of 2 years we could really end up having the same conversations over and over because he

    just didn't REGISTER anything I'd spoken as true in his mind.

    It went in his ears and out the back of his head without passing through his brain!

    I was wasting my time, surely.

    He wasn't ready. There was no place in his life for any anti-JW thought.

    He asked me one day: "What other religion should I go to for the Truth? If I quit Jehovah's Organization where can I go?"

    I told him he was asking the wrong question.

    "You seem to believe that you MUST go somewhere"..I told him...."don't you think Jehovah can come to you?"

    "Wherever two people gather in my name", Jesus said, "There I will be in their midst." Jesus didn't build anything and didn't write anything down.

    His Apostles held him in high enough regard they spoke from their hearts about him to others. And they fully expected Christ would return shortly and take

    them with him.

    Never happened.

    2000 plus years later. Nothing has happened. Never gonna happen.

    Why waste what few years of your life you have filling your head and other people's ears with stuff you just don't know is really true?

    I wasted my time. I may as well have been talking to a chihuahua about algebra.

  • Finkelstein

    I wasted my time. I may as well have been talking to a chihuahua about algebra.

    Thats what most people find when talking to JWs, they have been intensionally indoctrinated by the WTS. to block out antiJWisms.

    There are varied and numerous reasons why people are willing to block out practical critical reasoning and evaluation,

    some of which is engineered by themselves on their own internal initiative in being irresponsible. ( the proverbial cop out )

  • Terry

    Did you ever buy a box of Crackerjacks?

    Popcorn with caramel on it.

    It had a gimmick, however, that really pushed sales and kept it popular decade after decade.

    Crackerjacks had a Prize hidden inside!

    What fun to eat caramel popcorn just to get that stupid prize!

    Well, JW theology is really like that.

    Most of the stuff is sticky and has no food value.

    What the true believers are really after is that hidden prize! NEW LIGHT!

    From the very beginning, it was a whole lotta bible study crapola just to get to the good stuff: PYRAMIDOLOGY and PROPHETIC ARMAGEDDON DATE!

    A gimmick for the weak of mind.

    The last time the Watchtower religion hid a nice prize in their crackerjack box it bit them on the ass!!

    They haven't been the same since they stopped hiding that MAGIC DATE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD deep inside the sticky popcorn.

  • Satanus

    I rememeber a wt phrase 'being as a lesser one', or something like that. Wt policy really is be less than you can be.


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