Since man is unable to create life does this mean

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  • rebel8
    Humans have created life though, right? Cloning, test tube babies?
  • truthseeker100
    Man couldn't fly a few years ago. We put men on the moon a few years after mastering flight. We've discovered dna and it's implications. We've discovered how to harness the atom. New medicines and vaccines just give us time.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Man (so far) cannot create life from scratch, so all that proves is that man did not create life from scratch.

    Squirrels did not create life from scratch, the dinosaurs did not create life from scratch, gorillas did not create life from scratch. None of these created life from scratch.

    If God wants to demonstrate to mankind how He creates life from scratch, bring Him out and let Him do it.

  • prologos
    OTWO. why ask for an encore? if we can duplicate the feat, it just proves we are on the right track, creating things, processes. (method and apparatus patents) . If there is a deist creator , I could picture his smile of approval, if we came up with an improved form of life. When I said " from scratch" I meant without using life-derived raw materials. Using organic matter from a cadaver still does not help to generate life, as Louis Pasteur demonstrated.
  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Nice topic,

    If you have a couple hours you should go watch the new Avengers movie Age of Ultron, sheds an inspiring/warning view on the subject of man creating life.

    I would love to know what "the geometry of belief" is.

    The continuing struggle between order and chaos. Evolve or be left behind.

    Let's all make a more awesome tomorrow fellow creator,


  • Crazyguy
    I am not saying anything about worshiping a creator, but again if we man with all our intelligence and technology can not take the simple building blocks that make life and create a living being even something as simple as say bacteria, then why can we not then surmise that their must of been a creator of some type to plant the seed of life and give it that boost so that life could then begin in a simple state. This creator could of been an alien or a superior being, who knows but why not?
  • Bugbear

    First of all, put yourselves a question: What is life?

    Is a DNA chain life? Is a virus crystal life? When becomes a chain of atoms enough complicated to become a molecule? And when is that molecule life?

    Is it when It can replicate it selves? Or does it must have a system to breathing, water, oxygen. Is it necessary that it is built on carbon/chain/oxygen?

    I think that scientists are still not agreeing on the definition. The waste numbers of different species, from viruses, bacterial, worms, parasites, insects, mammals, birds and fishes, on different places of the earth, shows us that a very long time of evolution, has been going on. We cannot tell exactly how the very first DNA molecule was formed But we know that certain circumstances made the DNA structure (if that is life) able to recreate or transformed it selves to new structures.

    Some scientist claim that the can make DNA changes to new lifeforms. Others say that this is not creating new life, just cooping others lifeforms. (remember the sheep dolly?) Others says that viruses constantly reshape themselves, into new forms, much more dangerous to us than the old ones.

    Sorry that I haven’t been able to answer your questions, just lying up new ones, but I think that is our part of life----trying to understand.


  • Bugbear

    I come to think of a sign a saw the other day:

    Life is a sexual transmitted disease, with 100% mortality.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Once man does create life from scratch.....

    all we will hear from believers is how God created man in His image, so we had that potential put into us. They will forget how they kept saying the one thing proves there must be a creator and now the opposite thing proves there is a creator.

  • Caedes

    I think we may be discussing the stable door whilst the horse is enjoying himself in the next field over. If you read the very short article it's pretty clear that this guy has been there and done that already. He is just waiting to publish his results.

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