So, I had a thought about wicked spirits lately...

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  • Malsonilla

    Charliko, I heard the same cautionary tales of used items of which demons had attached themselves, and was given images of angry defensive demons scratching and clawing to hold onto the item of their obsession as it burned or was being smashed by steel hammer, the item having an unearthly resistance to its destruction while furious shrieks of defiance and gutteral groans of go F yourself issued forth from a stuffed animal or victorian chair. Ridiculous crap.

  • Malsonilla

    Perfect1, you are no atheist. lol

  • 20yearfader

    funny you bring this up, one of the most terrifying moments for me was as a kid there was a special talk on saturday with the co and at this meeting he talked about the demons and had a question and answer with the cong.I was so freaking scared to hear how some in the cong had dealings with the demons when they were in the world.We had one brother say how he was dealing with one demon that would come to him every night.He went on to say his first contact with the jw led him to try to grab the demon on his nightly visit and it emited a smell when he grabbed it once he said this several members in the cong vocally let it be known that yes they do emit this distinct oder.Needless to say i have never experienced a special talk like this the whole time i was in the org and i didnt get any sleep that night

  • Lozhasleft

    I studied with a woman who considered herself a witch, for quite a while. She was very disturbed by demons she felt, to the extent that trying to use a bible in her home or pray there alone resulted in some strange happenings and illness for her.

    Reflecting on this now has made me chuckle, I was so dedicated and so determined to help this woman, in her house she kept ferrets and two very ferocious wolf like dogs, as well as snakes and rats. The study was on Fridays and on Thursday evenings I would go to find a sister to take with me on the study. I thought it was a privilege so I shared it around, lol. It took ages for me to realise that when they saw me heading their way on a Thursday night after the meeting, the sisters would scatter!

    Loz x

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Carl Sagan discusses this in The Demon Haunted World, finding similarities in alien abduction beliefs.

  • steve2

    If there were no fear, there'd be no religion. People need religion to soothe their fears the way babies need milk to soothe their hunger. Churches, temples and religious halls would be emptied in a flash if fear disappeared from the earth. Contrary to claims that religion is generated by love, it is not. It is fear that fuels the need for religion.

    Trouble is, whilst we categorically need milk and other subtances to stay alive, we do not need religion in order to stay alive.

  • Kojack57

    You guys are funny! I've had experiences with them shaking tables and sitting in a rocking chair and rocking, and even seen them walking towards me, but never smelled one unless he forgot to take a demon bath. They mess with people to scare them back into the Borg for false protection.

    Its Satans organization that's why they push you back in. After I started fading and found out the TATT by doing research and reading Ray Franz books, no more incidence. The gig is up.


  • fakesmile

    next demon i see im gonna pimp slap him. and he better not give me any lip as i excercise his ass out the window. sh, he will be wishing i had used a cross and some toilet water.

  • jamiebowers
    So, I had a thought about wicked spirits lately...

    I just love how your mind works! I was skeptical about demons when I was a jw, but the fear was still there just in case it was true. I tested the effects of scary movies by watching them and then waiting for something to happen. It never did, so I eventually stopped believing in and fearing demons.

    Someone here on JWN, (can't remember who), asked that if demons need a way into homes of people, why would they attach themselves to just ouija boards and old, dusty antiques that may be shut up in an attic for decades. Why not invade game and furniture factories and attach themselves to items that most certainly will be quickly sold? That made me laugh.

  • John_Mann

    {a few times it took the shape of a naked woman and we did some really unmentionable things.}

    If you don't mind, what kind of things?

    I'm an atheist/nihilist/science guy I think demons are just imagination or mind traumas.

    But I like this stuff, I'm a kind of wizard atheist! LOL

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