Our holiday light show for Christmas

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good morning , thanks for the nice comments

    I LOVE the leaping arches too !! He made those Thanksgiving weekend with the assistance of our son . He took PVC pipe and wrapped eight strings of 100 bulb string lights on each pole . Then placed stakes in the ground to bend the arch . Each arch has eight extension cords so that the lights can be set off in different patterns . It takes one whole controller to just run the two arches .

    It is amazing what you can come up with once your not wasting so much time in FS or at the KH .....

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind


    Here is a link to our facebook page for the light show Jamie ,I will update videos there .

    youtu.be/ecXME5fffnI Second video isn't great my camera battery was going dead . Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas '

  • Dagney

    Very cool! It's beautiful!!

  • AnnOMaly

    Enjoy ,I know our Witness neighbors do

    Better believe it. There was a house right across the street that used to go nuts with their Christmas lights. Even as a loyal dubbie I enjoyed the cheeriness those lights brought in the gloomiest part of the year.

  • ruderedhead

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • troubled mind
  • AGuest

    I LOVE christmas lights, dear TM (peace to you!)... and these are great! I love looking at them... just on other people's houses (my father was WAY into the light show thing and so I got burned out with the whole set-up/take-down parts... but I love looking at them - man, what some folks can come up with! Any of ya'll remember getting in the car with your parent(s)/others and driving around to look at the light? And to, like, the neighborhood "Christmas [Tree] Lanes"... where the folks were competing?? Wow. The shows. Makes you want the "holidays" all year long!)

    Thanks for sharing and peace to you!

    SA, on her own...

  • FlyingHighNow

    Splendid. Tell your guy that when I was a kid, some people had a patch of ice on their roof. They had Santa sliding down the slope on his belly, with spilled presents scattered. He was looking up at the drivers by and there was a big sign coming from his mouth, comic book style that said, "Oops!" Maybe a Santa ice accident would be a compromise? Can your neighbors hear your music?

  • WTWizard

    And the best part is that these can use under 1,000 watts of total electricity. If you have big incandescent light bulbs in the inflatables, switch to equivalent LED's. I recommend ones with a color temperature of 2700-3000 K to emulate the incandescent bulbs. Use LED's for the lighting display, and you save up to 90% of the total electricity. These also allow you to connect more to a circuit, give you a much lower fire risk (the only risk is if the wires get damaged by squirrels or a storm), fewer blown bulbs, and they tend to last much longer.

    The best part is, when the witlesses hope for you to get a $500 light bill, your light bill will be closer to a manageable $50 instead. The witlesses will lose out on the fun of watching you get a huge light bill or a fire, and you get your money's worth. Meanwhile, you can go to town, light the place to the hilt, and watch the burglar casing the place realize that there is way too much light and the risk of getting caught is way too high. The burglar will find a darker place (such as the witlesses' homes) to burgle. Or, a guest being able to see by the light and not having a nice fall down stairs and not suing you for the fall.

    Besides, I believe this kind of light display is as effective as antidepressants for the type of depression that hits during winter. For a measly 50 toilet papers, you get relief from the dreary atmosphere of this time of year (in the northern hemisphere, December tends to be the gloomiest time of year with the least daylight). And the lights do not cause brain and/or liver damage. Let the witlesses who hound you about this or that stab you behind your back about it be the ones that take antidepressants, and know that they are wasting more on suit dry cleanings than you are spending on electricity. And wasting more time on field circus than you spent installing the lights.

  • ziddina

    Ooooooo, I am so JEALOUS!!!!

    Feeling pretty inadequate, too - we're only using a total of 4 extension cords for our decorations...

    Let us know when you hit a million lights!! snoopy doghouse with lights

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