The Governing Body Rewrites the Organization’s Past and Future History

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  • problemaddict

    Excuse my ignorance here. Can you all help me with something? If the domestics, which now include the annointed, are to be appointed at a future date, what happened in 1919? How is that year currently being viewed in JW history at this point, if Jesus did not in fact chose his people during that time?

    So he chose the FDS in 1919, but isn't giving them the domestics until the future? Is that where we are at?

    To me EVERYTHING hinges not on 1914, not on blood, but on the men who run the organization essentially being representatives of his "earthly organization". It hinges on them being the stars in the hand of Christ, being endowed with "spirit direction", and having the commision to preach so that others follow.

    How do you all think THAT is impacted? Discussing 1914, blood, or doctrine on more minor matters doesn't seem to make a dent. The UN thing nobody seems to care about. Everythign seems to hinge on loyalty to the GB.

  • RayPublisher

    Don thank you for your book and your updated expose on the GB's "other gospel".

    These men are false prophets through and through- simply trying to retain their power and membership roles, pure and simple.

  • PSacramento

    Those with power will do everything to KEEP it and not give it up.

  • Refriedtruth

    Thanks Don Cameron,AnnOmaly and all contributers.

  • OnTheWayOut

    On the opening post of this thread, OH MY WORD! Did the Governing Body possibly do all this because your book, CAPTIVES OF A CONCEPT, pointed out that they couldn't have passed any examination in 1919?

    I mean, it seems like they did this because the Governing Body rules a dangerous mind-control cult and they want to be free to make changes and seize power, but a side issue might have come up when your book was found in the star chamber of the Governing Body.

    Or could it be that they realize the actual term, "Governing Body" is not in the Bible and they want to change their name to something that is in the Bible, "The faithful and discreet Slave" ?

    Are they going to change the logo on their doors?

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