For the GB, it's all about attention!

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  • NoRegrets

    So this is probably not a big revelation for anyone, but a little for myself. Or at least a sum up of why the JWs still cling to many of their beliefs and practices are to gain them notoriety and attention. So many of the non-witness friends I have now remember the JW kids they grew up with only because they weren't allowed to celebrate the holidays. The same goes for the blood transfusion stance. All for attention, and at the same time, an opportunity to make the members feel like martyrs and/or persecuted victims.

    I think for the Watchtower, they need these devices to stand themselves out so as to not just blend in to the woodwork of other offshoot religions. With so many other fringe "Christian" religions, the general public really doesn't know a lot about the dogma of groups like Seventh Day Adventists or the Assemblies of God church. For the JWs, they have their handful of instant recognition platforms like holidays, neutrality, door to door ministering, blood transfusions, and even the strict dress code.

    Some of the recent moves made on the convention attendance rules is an example of the further need to try to get attention. When it became mandatory to wear badge cards that wasn't enough. So, then it became required that you wear the badge card all the time, including the drive to and from the convention site, and every evening. As the GB wanted yet more attention to maybe get noticed by yet a few more bystanders, they made it rule to wear full dress clothes in your trip to and from, and in the evenings for meals out after the sessions ended.

    When it's all said and done, all of these moves and rules are all ways that the Watchtower is trying to keep themselves in the general discourse and not fade away as just another religion in decline. I look to see them make another big move for attention in some fashion whether it be in a doctrinal change or a publicity stunt. Something to perhaps counteract the attention being given to their mishandling of sex abuse or their shunning policies which are some of what they're most known for now! (Which is great for the effort of seeing their doors perhaps one day shuttered!)

    Here's to hoping- NR

  • NeverKnew

    Attendees MUST wear name badges and remain dressed up even when NOT at the convention? For all I know, Jesus wore a sheet with some flip-flops. What happens if someone follows Christ's model and wears that? Are we talking about the "Hello my name is..." style badges?

    I swear - the more I hear....

    Modern Catholic and other denominations allow for a discretionary "within reason" dress code. I'm sure the more formal dress code would have financially disenfranchised those who truly couldn't afford the required 'uniforms' and associated cleaning costs for their families. At first I think many, especially from my grandmother's era, were appalled but over time, people began to realize that one's clothing had nothing to do with God's purpose.

    My insides are churning when I hear my friends speak of the acquisition of suits, dresses and shoes for these service activities when their financial resources could best be used elsewhere. I hurt for the JWs who are struggling financially but have to worry about "keeping up with the Joneses". What's harder is knowing that this crab mentality is being demanded to make the Society look good - D#%# the financial stability of the adherents.

    Wonder when the Society will realize that the money used for the suit could have gone in the donation box. *sigh*

  • ziddina

    Marking - good thread.

  • designs

    ' If you own 5 suits and you are a janitor you must be a Jehovah's Witness' Jeff Foxworthy

  • ziddina

    One could argue - fairly successfully - that Rutherford's heinous actions in tossing the German Jehovah's Witnesses to Hitler's war machine was another act coldly calculated to draw attention - and sympathy - with absolutely no concern for the individual JWs involved.

    As was the Watchtower Society's later actions in locking Malawiian JWs into a lose/lose situation that set them up to be victims of "persecution".

    Another example has been their past inflexibility regarding alternative military service. During the Vietnam War, many, many young brothers had to go to prison [I knew one personally] instead of being able to accept non-combatant alternatives. At the same time, the Mexican brothers were allowed to bribe officials to avoid military service.

    I strongly suspect that the U.S. JWs were again thrown to the wolves because THEY had higher visibility.

    As NoRegrets said...

    "I look to see them make another big move for attention in some fashion whether it be in a doctrinal change or a publicity stunt. "

    Let's hope it's another abysmal PR disaster...

  • Aware!

    Don't forget about the torture stake. Another way to stand out.

  • NoRegrets


    Yes those were recent changes in the "suggestions" for convention attendees in the annual KM insert. They wanted you wearing your badge pretty much 24-7 and yes, dressed in your full suits and dresses for the drive to the site and in the evening for meals out!!!

    For everyone else, thanks for the interest. Haven't really been starting too many threads lately, so thanks for the input!


  • ziddina

    Bumping again...

    About "They wanted you wearing your badge pretty much 24-7 and yes, dressed in your full suits and dresses for the drive to the site and in the evening for meals out!!!..." [NoRegrets]

    A very sharp poster commented [some time back] that one reason for that request, may be to give the average "worldly" person the impression that individual JWs are doing well financially - like typical "college graduates".

    This would offset the ugly reality that the Watchtower Society discourages college educations and issues edicts that tend to keep most of its members in the lower income levels.

  • fakesmile

    we all like to think the world revolves around ourselves, its human. but to hold ppl. hostage with superstition is just unconscienable.

  • ziddina

    Very true, fakesmile.

    When one looks at human history, there's a LONG line of religions and belief systems that have done just that, though.

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